Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Gueza »

Jim pushed me every rock climbing trip to make me a better climber and taught me so much about lead climbing trad. When Steve passed away last summer he gave me so much emotional support, cannot be more thankful for the time we spent together. And on top of that, he has given me a tremendous amount of support for my ski the 14ers project. Every time we were with other people he would never talk about his incredible accomplishments, but would rather always encouraged me to talk about mine, or do it himself. He always made me feel so good about myself. We can all learn from what a standup and humble guy he was. R.I.P Jim, thanks for everything. Gonna miss you buddy
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Laujan14 »

One of my favorites
One of my favorites
Jim Winter Contemplation.jpg (117.1 KiB) Viewed 1332 times
He touched many lives and befriended anyone and everyone though he was very selective about who he allowed to get close. I was privileged to be one of those few. I'd known him for several years but after reconnecting at a party last summer we became closer friends, spending hours on the phone talking - with him doing most of the talking of course. We started to hang out more, exchanging emails and phone calls and created some great memories.

He was a very complex guy and one of many talents. He was also very modest and humble about his accomplishments. His only competition was with himself, always pushing to go faster, and to be stronger and smarter. He truly was larger than life and I was constantly in awe of him. Getting to know him was both entertaining and enlightening. I am a better person today for having known and loved the man.

I was given a diagnosis of breast cancer a few weeks before he got his diagnosis. This strange turn of events brought us even closer. Though we had separate battles, we faced them together and helped each other through it. He helped to keep me strong and I continue to fight - for myself and for his sake. The good doctor encouraged me to do everything possible to ensure my remission so I could live a good long life.

I encouraged him to turn his trip reports into a book. We started planing it last summer. When he was diagnosed with cancer, I promised him that if he didn't get to it, I would see it though and I intend to keep that promise. When it is available, proceeds from sales will go to and to lend financial aid to cancer patients.

He considered me and a few others his family here in the Springs. I am honored and humbled to be among those select few.

Though he is gone, he will never be forgotten. His legacy will live on in our hearts... and on the mountain tops, and the trails I hike and in the clear blue Colorado skies. He is everywhere I go.

Until we meet again dear Jim... climb on.

In love and peace,

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Brian Thomas
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Brian Thomas »

Very sad news. I last saw Jim on the Quandary winter welcomer hike in November, I had no idea of his illness. Echoing some of the other sentiments on this thread, Jim was very humble about his abilities and accomplishments. He was very patient and encouraging to me the first time I did technical climbing in the Garden of the Gods a few years ago. Jim will be greatly missed by the climbing community.
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ap snow
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by ap snow »

So sad.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by SchralpTheGnar »

I never knew Jim but always enjoyed his trip reports, beautiful photographs, and love of difficult climbing. I'm sure if I knew him we would have got along just fine. RIP.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by yahugh »

Damn, I had no idea he was ill. I knew Jim as a very patient and encouraging climbing instructor. He and I also shared an interest in music - he was a jazz pianist - and we often talked about getting together to play (me on guitar) but never managed to make it happen. There's a lesson for you: don't wait, make it happen! Vá com Deus my friend.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by semitrueskerm »

Last fall, without ever having met him, Jim made a special effort to PM me and encourage me to join the Winter Welcomer, as I had never done it before. I knew him from his photos and TR's, that was it. I was stunned that he sought me out, and it was only briefly after the hike that I finally met him. Of course, I am saddened that would be the first and only time we crossed paths. I think his legacy will be the Winter Welcomer, always encouraging those who had little winter experience, to come out and learn from others. I hope this tradition continues in his honor. RIP, Jim.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by JLOHARA »

Man, I hate hearing this... Jim, what a stand-up all around great guy. One of my favorite days in the mountains: ... ki=Include" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by randalmartin »

JLOHARA wrote:Man, I hate hearing this... Jim, what a stand-up all around great guy. One of my favorite days in the mountains: ... ki=Include" onclick=";return false;

Jodi, my thoughts immediately went to that day in the mountains with Jim. I knew Jim was fast prior to that day and that day was no exception as he started about an hour later than we did, caught us at the saddle blitzed on up with Team Aspen.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Wundermarmot »

I am so sorry to hear of Jim's passing. I never had the pleasure of meeting him personally but so much enjoyed his posting, TRs, and especially his photography. Peace be with those he left behind, he will be missed.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Moraine14 »

Oh, no - so sorry to hear this. Although I never met Jim, I've enjoyed his posts, reports and of course the photography. I tend to take for granted that the familiar names on this site will always be there...

Very sad news. My thoughts are with Jim's family and friends.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by speth »

Sad news. I hope Jim is at peace; cancer is a terrible disease and I hate it that he took a turn for the worse in such a short amount of time.
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