Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Ulla »

I was shocked as well to hear of Jim's passing. I met Jim once. He wanted to get a winter ascent of Little Bear from the SW ridge and 3 of us signed up to go along. Here's his initial post on 14ers back in Dec. 2010. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=28224

I knew Little Bear was a difficult peak and didn't think I would summit (especially in the winter), however, I was willing to go along to see it. Three of us (I hadn't met anyone in this group before) converged at Jim's house VERY early on a Saturday morning and we carpooled down. Someone in an earlier post mentioned how much Jim liked to talk. omg, being an introvert, I was going crazy! ha Anyway, we got down there and started up South Little Bear. To make a long story short (I'm sure you can read Jim's TR as well) we didn't summit (although Matt & Jim summited SLB). I learned so many lessons that day that I swore I would never repeat (and haven't). One lesson I learned is safety always comes before giving in to summit fever. Jim was a very fast, strong climber....descending.....not so much! :)

Even though I chose not to hike with him after that, I am saddened by this news,. I enjoyed Jim's photography. My condolences to this community, his family and his friends.
Carol Gerber
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by rajz06 »

I logged in today after a long hiatus hoping to find some witty April Fool's stuff on the site but instead, I was greeted by this... :cry:

Like many others here, I too have enjoyed Jim's prose and photography through this site and had the great pleasure of meeting him during the 2013 winter welcome hike. I remember telling Britt that I couldn't believe how young Jim looked for his age. Only the good die young... :(

My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by djkest »

I never met Dancesatmoonrise, so I guess I don't know him. But I loved his photography, his trip reports, and his forum posts. A fun, friendly person that was always positive and helpful.

Actually (now that I think about it) I think I did meet him on Quandary Peak for the winter welcomer, and he took some photos that he shared with me.

Condeolences to his friends and family, someone great has been lost.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by rickinco123 »

First time on this site in months and this is what I see! Wow. Never knew him but exchanged some funny PMs with him a few times and I tried to coax some photography tips from him. I could tell by those exchanges he was someone I would have enjoyed spending a day out on the rock with. Did someone write he was a 5.12 trad leader? Wow! RIP. Sorry I never got out with you, my loss.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Alby426 »

A great loss of a great man. You will be missed.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by TK »

Farewell. Happy climbing.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by huffy13 »

Very sad to hear. I never met Jim, but he would occasionally PM me with info when I would have questions about specific hikes on the forum. He always had encouraging words and great advice. I always have looked at him as being one of this site's "rockstars". Thoughts and prayers go out to his family, including all those who knew him from the hiking and climbing community.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by hunterwf »

So sad to see this. I only spoke to Jim twice but I will never forget his passion for the mountains. His presence will surely be missed on this forum. Prayers go out to his family and friends.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Johnson »

I am struck and saddened that Jim didn't want to post an update about his condition with worry that no one would care..... 117 posts so far.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by oldschoolczar »

So sad.. what a huge loss for this community. I enjoyed reading his posts and was happy when someone (Jim) recognizedd my avatar for once. Sounds like he was an interesting guy.. Fare thee well.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Duffus Kentucky Climber »

I'm saddened and will remember him in prayers!
It looks like the ridge is just right up there!
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by TheOtherIndian »

The 3-4 times I've met Jim in the mountains, I've never seen him walk. Always sprinting with a big smile, even at the end of a big day! He used to always encourage others to take good photographs, write trip reports! He and his winter TRs will be missed :( Rest in peace Jim.
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