Peroneal tendonitis

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Re: Peroneal tendonitis

Post by jchapell » Thu Feb 11, 2021 10:44 pm

I've also struggled w the same thing since June...with fits and starts, but it's definitely still a problem despite periods of rest, calf stretching, ice, calf raises, foot massage, etc. I more recently started inversion/eversion exercises with a band in the last month that may be making some headway. I'll also note since it hasn't been mentioned that 10 minutes with a foam roller on the outside of my lower calf/high ankle does wonders. I haven't worn an ankle brace, but I did wear KT tape for months this summer when hiking for some additional support, which I felt helped to some degree.

While I know the exact hike where the tendonitis began, I'm also aware that it's the same side of my body that seems to crop up with hip/IT band issues periodically, and I'm sure the continued issues for me are partially due to general strength imbalances causing issues all the way down my lower half. Or just sitting all day for work - gotta stop crossing my legs...

Good luck, and pass along if you figure out things that are productive!
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Re: Peroneal tendonitis

Post by James2015 » Fri Feb 12, 2021 10:45 am

Thanks all for taking the time to give advice -- it's good to hear that others have worked (or are working) through it. Sometimes you start PT and it doesn't seem to be doing much, so it's good to know the things that have worked for fellow hikers. Cheers
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