BD Eldorado Vestibule - help?!

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BD Eldorado Vestibule - help?!

Postby ulvetano » Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:00 pm

Does anyone out there use a BD Eldorado tent? I do and have had some challenges with the vestibule in the past and just wondering if any winter climbers have experienced the same, or if I am just messing something up on the setup....

So there's the tent...and then the gray vestibule. It attaches to the tent at the top apex of the tent with the two snaps and also attaches at the bottom corners of the tent entrance, then gets staked out. My problem has been that the 'fabric line' from the top to botton along the a-frame entrance basically just 'overlaps' the tent. Then when major wind is huffing and puffing, it forces its way between the vestibule edge and the tent and the vestibule fills with wind. There is one velcro loop available to attach it mid-way on each side, but seems wind still enters.

Anyone else experience this? Sorry if that is confusing.
Any advice? thanks!

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