Movie editing software?

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Re: Movie editing software?

Postby Bean » Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:26 am

herdbull wrote:What do you guys do with longer or larger vids? I have roughly 3.5 hours of HD video I want to burn to a DVD but to make it fit the quality blows.

Edit out stuff no one wants to watch (yourself included) and/or get a bluray burner.
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Re: Movie editing software?

Postby rking007 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:10 pm

herdbull wrote:What do you guys do with longer or larger vids? I have roughly 3.5 hours of HD video I want to burn to a DVD but to make it fit the quality blows. I have a DVD Player/Recorder hooked to the tv. I can record, but have to "dummy down" the quality. Defeats the purpose of an HD camcorder in my opinion.

The file is around 17G and most DVD's are 4.7G. I too am also not liking Movie Maker for the bigger stuff. It (or maybe the pc) can't handle the size. It's great for editing smaller vids or creating shorter ones to upload. But now here I sit with 3.5 hours of my recent trip and I can't share it with anybody.

I thought about memory sticks for each one but that's kind of pricey and most peoples tvs don't have USB's.

Back to Movie Maker...... I actually chose it over some fo the other free programs. It has served me well with smaller sized files and is easy to use.

Rule of thumb is you can fit an hour of footage on a DVD and get great quality. If you get dual layer DVDs (8.5gb per disc) you can get two or so. Most DVD players won't have a problem seeing the dual layer since it's been out for quite some time. Bluray can hold either 25gb or dual layer 50gb. They are much more expensive comparatively to DVD but still only about $5 - $10 a disc. Than you could fit your 3.5 hours like two or three times on it! Still, you have to have a Bluray burner and a Bluray player to play them but dang, they look good.

To get decent quality, you can put up to two hours on a DVD, you'll see the difference but most people won't. You'll loose fine detail (say, leaves in a tree across a filed) and you'll see more things like aliasing or moire patterns or macro blocking (imagine watching Netflix streaming over the internet on TV) but it can still be acceptable. If you have a ton of motion, which I'm assuming most people on this site would have skiing or climbing or GoPro-ing... than I wouldn't go beyond an hour to an hour twenty per disc.

Like Bean said, edit edit edit. If you can drop out a lot of filler, your video will be better paced and more interesting for a viewer to watch. A good rule of thumb is to watch a clip, when you naturally blink, that's your edit. A lot of Hollywood editors use it. Your brain can infer and remember a lot of information. So instead of sitting on a shot of a valley, for instance, for ten to fifteen seconds, cut it back to five to seven at most. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule and all I'm driving at is to trim the fat so you can get down to a double DVD set than four.

One other thing to mention with burning DVDs is to make sure you choose the right settings. First and foremost with ANY video, keep your audio at the highest quality possible! People are much more forgiving of poor video than poor audio! 44.1 or 48khz and 128kbits or higher is best. If you shot your footage in progressive than make sure you out put progressive scan or you will induce interlacing through your footage and it looks like garbage! If your software is asking which field to render first, set it to none, or progressive if you can. If you can't, try to find a new software that will. If you shot it interlaced, than usually upper or lower first will look the same. Also, if you can choose variable bit rate or constant bit rate (VBR or CBR) if you stick to the hour per disc rule you should be able to stick with a constant bit rate and you will get better results. Simply put, every second will be rendered at the same bit rate rather than letting the software decide each second what bit rate to compress at. Usually trying to stick two hours on a single DVD will take advantage of the variable bit rate better but if you don't have to, don't use it.

Lastly, for Flash specific compressing for YouTube or other online sources, and if you can choose what bit rate to compress at than I recommend using this bit bit rate calculator. Just fill in the fields and it will tell you the optimum bit rates because unfortunately more is not always better and if you don't set it high enough your video quality will suffer. I like this because I don't end up overshooting bit rates and therefore end up with files that are way larger than they need to be. It also has a list of 4:3 and 16:9 sizes that are optimum for compressing which is super handy for websites and YouTube.

Okay, so I didn't mean to write a novel there but I thought it could help.
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Re: Movie editing software?

Postby herdbull » Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:27 pm

not a problem, it's all good info. I thought about upgrading to a Blu-ray burner but that doesn't help me out much unless everyone who wants to watch it/them has a blu-ray player.

I've also found it's quicker to just burn them right through the DVD burner than upload and edit on the PC. The downside there is the lack of a quality input on the DVD player. So not only do I have to set it to a lower quality to fit I'm losing some quality in the cables (not HDMI). :cry:

Boy, an HD video camera sounded so good last year for Christmas :lol:

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