Straight Creek Fire - Dillon

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Straight Creek Fire - Dillon

Post by Chicago Transplant »

Putting this in "Roads" subcategory as it has been impacting I-70. There were some closures on I-70 Thursday and may be more as firefighters continue to fight this one. Straight Creek is the creek that runs parallel to I-70 west of the tunnel down into Dillon.

Hopefully they get this one out quickly. Be careful out there camping this weekend, some counties already have fire bans in place. Personally I think given the hot dry forecast ahead, the right move is not to have a campfire right now at all regardless of restrictions. ... i-70-east/
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Re: Straight Creek Fire - Dillon

Post by blazintoes »

While working, hiking and biking in Dillon recently the dead lodgepole pine is worrisome. Totally agree with you Chicago Transplant. A campfire is nice and ornamental but potentially dangerous. But we’re preaching to the choir.
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