Winter TH Access

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Winter TH Access

Post by CheapCigarMan »

Under the Trailheads status page it will typically say something like, "Closed several miles below the TH."
Though on several I've noticed that people have accessed them during Winter months, in January, for example.
I've also noticed that some of the TH's open annually on specific dates. Others open on their own as the snow melts.

I'm interested to know if these TH's have specific dates as to when they open? Open as weather allows? Any typical dates or timeframes when they open?


Grays Creek

Halfmoon Creek

Cataract Gulch

Silver-Grizzly Gulch

North Halfmoon Creek

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Re: Winter TH Access

Post by ltlFish99 »

I always check the trailhead status updates going back a year or more to get an idea of access times.
I noticed yesterday that after the 2018/2019 heavy snows that access was somewhat later than others years, for obvious reasons. In some cases delayed beyond snow melt due to extraordinary avalanche debris blocking the roads.
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Re: Winter TH Access

Post by Chicago Transplant »

Silver-Grizzly has a gate, but they usually plow Cinnamon open by Memorial Day to attract the Jeep crowd for the holiday. I think they may open the gate even earlier though as the plowing operations progress.

I'm not sure if any of the others you listed have gates or not, so would say those are "as weather allows"
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Re: Winter TH Access

Post by dwoodward13 »

I believe they plow the road year round to Cataract Gulch (assuming you mean the one to access Half Peak).

Best source of info is just going to be calling the relevant USFS Ranger District Offices.
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Re: Winter TH Access

Post by CaptCO »

Correct DWood, there are residences nearby which allow a plowed road year round. Love that hidden gem of an area

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