Loved. To. Death.

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Re: Loved. To. Death.

Post by Dobsons » Tue Mar 23, 2021 10:34 am

As an Eagle County resident one of my biggest fears with the Vail trails is a permit system. One of my favorite aspects of the Gore is an amazing wilderness area with easy access. I can leave Eagle, drive for 30 minutes and then running be in the alpine in 45 minutes from the trailhead. Often I can do this on a whim in the summer which is wonderful without planning anything in advance. Permits being required would change that completely. Hanging lake has pretty much become a no go for me as I don't ever want to plan ahead for a permit. I wish I could just ride my bike down glenwood canyon and hike up but technically that isn't allowed with the permit situation there. Not certain what the answer is with these overcrowded I-70 trailheads with limited parking and overuse of the trails but a permit system making spur of the moment trips into the Gore would be a tough pill to swallow and I hope things don't trend that way but I am fearful they will...
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