Definitive TH animal/car trouble list?

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Definitive TH animal/car trouble list?

Postby mikemalick » Thu Sep 20, 2012 8:24 am

There has been recent talk about porcupine issues at Maroon with the great "mothball incident". I've never had any porcupine or other animal trouble at any trailheads I've been at up to this point, but those have been Front/Tenmile/Mosquito/Sawatch THs with only a few in the Sangres and San Juans and none (yet) in the Elks. I started looking around the site to see if there was a TH list that was geared towards animal issues with cars and such so that I could be prepared. I saw mention in one of the TH status pages regarding porcupine, but not in others. I did forum searches on "porcupine" and saw info (i.e. Maroon Lake, Grizzly Gulch, Kite Lake, Castle Creek), but that is sprinkled here and there and someone may post something about these types of issues on forums other than the one I searched. So my question is if there is some central area on the site that I am just missing that states which THs are pretty much guaranteed/high probability to have animal/car trouble. Just looking for a definitive list so I know if any special precautions are needed.


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