Kevin Hayne Everest Ascent Memorial

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Kevin Hayne Everest Ascent Memorial

Postby wave221 » Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:49 pm

( I wasn't sure if i should post in the photo memorial for Kevin or start a new one so I did both. Sorry for any disruption)

Hi everyone. This memorial is a great thing. In fact I became so inspired by this that i wished to take it a step further. I contacted the ExtremeEverest ascent team for 2012. Kevin was a very close friend of mine and talked about how he always wanted to attempt a ascent on Everest. With a small ($1000 or more) sponsorship to this group they have agreed to carry a silk flag to summit and take a photo that we can then give to the family. I was hoping, with your help, we could sponsor them. Below is the email response they have sent me. If you are at all interested in helping please do not hesitate to email me at I will be getting a formal letter drawn up soon. God bless. -Will

Hello Will,

Thank you so much for visiting our Everest Expedition website and for your generous offer to be a sponsor. It is much appreciated! I learnt about Kevin on the Internet, as I read the information about his climb. It is always extremely sad when accidents occur in the mountains, but climbers enjoy so much being in the mountains, that we are willing to accept certain levels of risk, although we don't have total control about the conditions on the rock and ice, or what mother nature has reserved for us during a climb (weather changes, etc). I understand what you feel and it will be an honour for us to carry a printed sign, in memory of Kevin, as described in your original email. As you know, the weight while climbing at high altitude is critical, so perhaps you can prepare a silk (light weight) sign sized 11x17 or so with the text for our photo. I will be able to take photos at various camps and at the summit. I hope that the weather and ice conditions will cooperate at the time of summit attempt.

If you decide to go ahead, please let me know, and I will send you an address where you can mail the silk flag. Thanks so much again for your willingness to be a sponsor of this Everest Expedition. Your contribution will help to keep Mt Everest as clean and pristine as possible, while contributing to improve the lives of the Sherpas in Nepal.

Please feel free to pass the Extreme Everest 8850 expedition website ( to family, friends, local mountaineering clubs, and other potential supporters. Your contributions will make possible this truly test of the human spirit, based on motivation and real passion for the mountains.

Thanks again and all the best!

Everest Team
Horacio Galanti
Everest Expedition Leader

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