Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Threads related to Colorado mountaineering accidents but please keep it civil and respectful. Friends and relatives of fallen climbers will be reading these posts.
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Re: Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Post by nyker »

Gritz3000 wrote: Thu Oct 14, 2021 7:45 pm I missed the avenue on the down climb from Kit Carson a couple summers ago. It can happen VERY easily. There is another ledge a few hundred feet below the real route that can be easily confused for Kit Carson avenue. After climbing too low, things can get tough before you even know you are in trouble.

Condolences to the climbers family, it’s scary how quickly these things happen.
yes, and in bad weather and approaching darkness it becomes harder; I know LNT purists will argue against it, but there should be one of those Culebra sized Cairns there.
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Re: Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Post by Tornadoman »

This is really sad news. Condolences to Madeline's family and friends.
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Re: Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Post by pfiore1 »

Disclosure...I am speaking on behalf of myself, not for SAR. Please be cautious and mindful of speculation, especially regarding "missing the Avenue on the descent". I fully understand this occurs frequently as I have done several rescues because of this common error, however this was not likely the case. I will not and cannot provide further detail as to what happened except to say both air and ground rescue techniques went above and beyond typical risk taking to find and rescue her in time. My sincerest and most genuine condolences to her family, friends, and acquaintances. She was the same age as my girlfriend and it greatly pains me to reflect about such a loss of a wonderful soul.

When a safer weather date comes to recover her, an announcement will be made to avoid the area while recovery attempts are conducted. Stay posted.

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Re: Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Post by JChitwood »

Terrible news. Condolences to the family from a fellow Illinoisan and Saluki.
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Re: Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Post by nmjameswilson »

What a shame and so sad to hear. Condolences to the her family.
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Re: Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Post by Terminally_Chill »

Heartbroken to hear the news. We were in the Willow Lake basin attempting Adams on Saturday and Sunday, both days turned around due to extremely low visibility, wind, and ice on the rocks. The N Ridge on KC can be puckering on nice days, can't imagine how scary it must have been this week. RIP
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Re: Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Post by SurfNTurf »

Very sad, especially knowing she called for help before her eventual fall. The Facebook memorial page is sobering. Condolences to all who knew her.
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Re: Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Post by Ed_Groves »

It is so heartbreaking to lose anyone, but especially one with much of her life still ahead of her. My deepest condolences to the family and friends.
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Re: Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Post by Dan Wiedrich »

My condolences to the family. I grew up in Illinois. RIP
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Re: Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Post by Colorado_SAR »

14ers community, please read and share this post regarding the recovery operation on Saturday, October 16th. We are asking all climbers to stay off Kit Carson for safety reasons. ... it-carson/
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Re: Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Post by Skimo95 »

This woman was way too young, beautiful, and accomplished to pass this early. Really hurts to think about, and I can only hope her family/friends are able to cope with it in the future. To SAR thank you and please bring her back Saturday. RIP
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Re: Challenger/Kit Carson Fatality

Post by 14erFred »

Prayers for comfort and strength for Maddie's family and friends. May she rest in peace forever, and may her memory always be a blessing.
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