Favorite Ski Guidebooks

Info, conditions and gear related to skiing or riding Colorado Peaks, including the 14ers!
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Favorite Ski Guidebooks

Post by bakejady »

I'm looking to see if anyone can share their favorite CO ski guidebooks. Between REI and Neptune I've seen these on the shelf:

Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes: Colorado
Classic Colorado Ski Descents
Climbing and Skiing Colorado's Mountains: 50 Select Ski Descents

Front Range:
The Best Ski Touring Routes: Colorado’s Front Range
MakingTurns in Colorado's Front Range Volumes 1 + 2

I am also aware that Dawson's 14er books include ski/winter routes but they seem to be out of print.
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Re: Favorite Ski Guidebooks

Post by CaptainSuburbia »

Dawson's books are good. I got both for cheap on ebay.
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Re: Favorite Ski Guidebooks

Post by Wentzl »

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Re: Favorite Ski Guidebooks

Post by dubsho3000 »

Wentzl wrote: Sun Mar 07, 2021 10:27 pm I tried to give this away a while back. No takers, but it is a fun book:

I'd gladly take that off your hands if you still have it. I'll PM you.
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Re: Favorite Ski Guidebooks

Post by highpilgrim »

It's on your list, but this one is from a couple of .com members: Lordhelmut and Benners.

https://www.amazon.com/Climbing-Skiing- ... 0762791853

And while I don't skimo, Lou Dawson's books always served me well and were aimed at skiers more than climbers.
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