UNgathering: Full LUNAcy Mt. Evans Bike Night

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UNgathering: Full LUNAcy Mt. Evans Bike Night

Post by KSU Wildcat »

fyi . . . .

Does the idea of riding a bicycle under a full moon to a 14er summit appeal to you? What about being able to keep 6, 16, even 600 feet away from others you can see? What about trying your hand at night photography, or time lapse shots? Well, snag that Huffy off crgslist, air those tires, replace those pads, adjust those brakes, lube that chain, and snip off (or lengthen) those tassels and ride, walk or push your bike up and pedal down a 14er!

What: DIY bike ride up and down Mt. Evans

When: Saturday, September 5th. The full moon is on Sept. 1st, but will still be at 90.8% illumination. Pick your own start time, pace, and spacing. With just over 14 miles of 18'-24' wide road, there's plenty of room to practice social distancing. FYI: September 5th (Sat.) Sunset* 7:23pm, Moonrise* 9:23pm; September 6th (Sun.) Sunrise* 6:33am, Moonset* 10:37am (* level horizon, no mountains)

Why: Why not???

Where: Mt. Evans. Echo Lake Lodge is fine with people using their parking lot when they're closed (7pm-9am). There are USFS restrooms at the campground across the street and municipal restrooms at the other end of the lake (BYO TP and hygiene products, just in case). Restrooms along the road (Goliath, summit, Summit Lake, etc.) are CLOSED so plan accordingly.

Who: Anyone with a bicycle, appropriate gear, and a sense of adventure.

How Much: $0.00, but a little over 14 miles of Class 1 paved road to get to the summit parking lot, which takes a fraction of the time to descend (do NOT override your headlamp!).

* A bicycle serviced or otherwise in good shape, low gearing for hill climbing helpful.
* Helmet.
* Clear eye protection and face covering. You may not see Miller Moths and their friends, but you'll likely hit a few.
* Be SEEN! Don't 'bright' others. Illumination so you can see the road ahead (e.g. headlamp) and lights front and rear (white, red) so others can see you to give distance and avoid collisions. If you can't stop within the distance your headlamp illuminates, slow down (avoid "overriding your headlights"). Turn your eyes not your head when looking at others to keep your light on the road and out of their eyes. Use other lights, glow sticks, EL wire, reflectors and reflective clothing for conspicuous fun. (***I'll have some freebie glowsticks and inexpensive LED red/white park lights around sunset for folks if it helps; look for the green light.***)
* Be HEARD! If you have a soft voice, use a bell (something between what your cat has and the one in Independence Hall should do).
* Clothing to keep you dry and warm regardless of weather, whether working up a sweat huffing up the mountain with little wind, chilling around the summit, or cruising down.
* Water and snacks. Water can be sourced to filter and treat by Summit Lake.
* PPE and sanitation products (e.g. face mask, sanitizer, TP, wipes, ...)
* Pack(s) for your and or your bike to carry stuff (10 Essentials) and clip lights or reflectors to.

* Alerting others upon approach with "Passing on your left!", "Good evening." or a bell chime.
* Keeping headlamps aimed at the road. No one likes being blinded while trying to manage a vehicle up a mountain.
* Staying to the right-side of the road, and to the right edge unless passing.
* Getting braking done well before the turn frees up traction for maneuvering and reduces the risk of running wide in a hairpin turn.
* LNT. Keep the bikes on the paved road, gravel shoulder or parking lots, and off the vegetation. Use the restrooms down by Echo Lake for #2 or WAG it out.

DISCLAIMER: You are present at your own risk and responsible for yourself. Mountains can be dangerous with accidents leading to injury, death, or worse. No person nor website is liable for you. Staff at the Echo Lake Lodge reports an increased number of incidents of cyclists missing turns, hitting holes or obstacles in the road, mishaps taking them far off the road, and the like. Have fun, plan ahead, and be safe.

Hope to see you (at a distance) there! -- TG
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Re: UNgathering: Full LUNAcy Mt. Evans Bike Night

Post by Wentzl »

I like the idea. But here is a thought.

I thought riding down Red Mountain Pass under the full moon would be fun. I did not wait till 5 days after the full moon. I did it on the night of the full moon, starting after dark.

It was dark and dangerous. I miscounted the hairpin turns and almost went off the road. If I were to do it again, three days BEFORE the full moon would be ideal.

You and your cohorts will have fun, but you will be riding in the dark unless you start around 11:00 p.m.
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Re: UNgathering: Full LUNAcy Mt. Evans Bike Night

Post by bergsteigen »

I just rode Evans on Thursday, and the road is pretty rough. I took my Mtn bike over my road so I wouldn’t have to worry over pinch flats. The worst zone is before and after Summit Lake, otherwise there’s just a lot of pavement gaps/bumps.

Thick gloves, extra tubes and another headlamp on the bike would be a good idea.
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Re: UNgathering: Full LUNAcy Mt. Evans Bike Night

Post by KSU Wildcat »

Bumping as last-minute reminder:
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