I-70 Traffic Conditions

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Re: I-70 Traffic Conditions

Postby Carl » Fri Dec 16, 2011 9:08 am

Matt wrote:
Carl wrote:Yeah, I stopped wearing my "Viva la Nina" shirt a few weeks ago and started taking trips to Wolf Creek.

I guess I should have bought the raffle tickets instead, eh Carl?
My shirt's not being worn, either.

BTW, Wolf Creek was spectacular today (Thursday).
We enjoyed freshies occasionally wind-blown up to waist deep until the lift stopped. The Knife Ridge has surprisingly poor coverage, but the rest of the place has got the goods.
If you're gonna spend long hours in a car, why do it on I-70 when the rewards are just crappy conditions and crowds?

We'll be proudly rocking those la nina shirts next month I hope! Wish I could have hit Wolf Creek yesterday. I'm headed down Saturday night. Skied one of those bony lines off the knife ridge last weekend trying to access some pow and it was pretty sketch.

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