TR - The Incline (8585')

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TR - The Incline (8585')

Postby krz2fer » Mon May 28, 2007 7:49 pm

Peak: The Incline (8585')
Date: Monday, May 28, 2007
Team: krz2fer, Ryan (krz2fer's brother)
Route: Barr TH
Roundtrip: 5 miles

I had noticed a lot of people on here didn't have specifics on the Incline hike just west of Colorado Springs, so I decided to tackle that today with my brother. Hopefully the information and photos will help those looking to train on this in the future.

We first left the house around 9:30am from Denver in my Civic. About 25-30 miles out Betsy (my car) decided that she didn't want anything to do with the trip and got a flat tire on I-25.


I didn't want to press my luck with the little tire so we decided to head back to get my brothers car. We didn't leave again until about 11 or 11:30am, so certainly we were worried about the storms, but we decided to continue.

We finally arrived at the Barr Trail parking lot and squeezed into a parallel spot tighter than.. eh.. you decide the joke there. It could have gone in many directions. If there's no parking in this area then you must park down on Buxton with all of the tourists.

Looking up from the start:

I was feeling a bit weak for whatever reason - perhaps the car thing, and the back and forth - but decided to overcome it on the trail.

At this point one typically knows the story. There are steps. And a lot of them. We took a break a handful of times on the way up. I was glad to see people of all ages on the hike, and everyone was very polite and encouraging one another. Great stuff.

Ryan taking a break after a long stint:

Towards the false summit things get really steep. The Incline website notes it is, at its steepest, 68% vertical. And we believe it!

Finally to the top, we reveled in joy with thoughts of streamers and agro-crag confetti falling form the sky (lame GUTS reference).

Once atop we met a couple US Olympic trainees for the volleyball team. One came up with a time of 31 minutes; the other 38 minutes. We were happy with our first timer 50 minutes.

Ryan (krz2fer's brother) and krz2fer on the top:

With weather coming in we didn't want to take the steps down in case they got soaked. Instead we took the Barr Trail down, which is 4 miles according to the TH. We both felt great at the end. A cool accomplishment and a relatively simple 4 mile cool down leaving the top.

The Incline website:

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