Pt 7100, the otherside of Mill Gulch, Waterton Canyon

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Pt 7100, the otherside of Mill Gulch, Waterton Canyon

Postby boudreaux » Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:29 am

Time: 1 hr, 43 min up
56 min down from Mill Gulch/Rattlesnake

This peak can plainly be seen from the parking lot at Waterton Canyon, but getting to it's lonely summit is not so easy. Another 4.3 mile ride brought me to Mill Gulch/Rattlesnake Shelter. Took the 1st ridge on the left in the gulch to the top. At first, it was a steep broken slope with lots of scree, scrub and cactus, then a long scrub choked NE ridge to the top. Near the top, the ridge makes one final turn to the SE for a couple 100 yards, you will see a 6' metal pole sticking up marking the summit. Stick to the west side of the ridge, it's way better than going ridgeline direct. The elk have made a good trail on the west side for some of the way, if you happen to find it. It's not a straight shot up, the ridge does wind around a little. Dragged a big elk antler up to the summit for some decoration. I shoulda left it where I found it, it wasn't easy getting that thing up there in the worst scrub I have ever fought through, it was harder than 6965! I dropped into a gulch east of the lower ridge to avoid going down that broken slope. It wasn't too bad, since there are no trees on the slopes above, the middle of the gulch was easy to walk through with an occasional small drop to negotiate, this eventually merges with Mill Gulch. Then it was maybe a 150 yards to the Rattlesnake shelter. Bring leather gloves and wear a good long sleeve shirt too, the mountain will still beat you up, but you will be glad you brought them. I actually wore my old gaitors to the battle, helps alot, keeps your shoes from filling up with dirt, sticks and leaves and generally protects your lower legs!

The summit antler, I dragged this up, it was like doing the Insanity workout for Mountaineers, Holy Smokes

looking back down the ridge, it wasn't a pleasant ride up, had me cursing myself a few times, very nasty indeed

6965 across Mill Gulch

The Boys Club of Waterton
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Re: Pt 7100, the otherside of Mill Gulch, Waterton Canyon

Postby gurlyclimber » Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:55 pm

I've done some climbing on Goat Mountain and am constantly doing recon on other areas in Waterton for rock climbing. Can you tell me if there are any formations up there that look like they may be climbable?

Thank you for the report. I've been spending a lot of time in that area lately. There are lions up there. :-)
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