Birthday to Harvard

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Birthday to Harvard

Post by justiner » Fri Apr 09, 2021 12:32 am

So I'm considering traversing the Continental Divide from Marshall Pass to Tennessee Pass this year for the yucks of it - here's an intro to the trip. I'm anticipating most of the terrain to be what you would expect in the Sawatch and I feel I've done some of the more spicy sections already. I've been chatting with someone else would is looking to do the traverse this year too - they've done Holy Nolans, so I feel they've got a good chance of completing this project as well. Except they showed me this video of someone traversing from Birthday, in attempt to summit Harvard, and they bailed:

It's hard to see how exposed the ridgeline is there, as the GoPro does make things quite extreme looking by their nature, so I thought I'd see if anyone here has any experience on this part of the ridgeline themselves and could make some comparisons. I've done my fair share of stupid-loose ridge traverses, but I just don't know if this one is more Columbia-Harvard direct or Capitol-Snowmass in nature. From the trail to Harvard, the terrain up there does look quite spectacular. From my modest internet sleuthing, I couldn't find much of a trip report dealing with this ridgeline (including on ListsOfJohn) which is pretty curious.

I guess: Paging Furthermore.
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