Guanella Pass Open?

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Guanella Pass Open?

Postby » Thu May 28, 2009 7:09 am

Is Guanella Pass open from both sides? When I was up there a month ago the snow was still piled up pretty high on the Georgetown side?

Matt Bednorz
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Re: Guanella Pass Open?

Postby betterhigh » Thu May 28, 2009 7:22 am

I was there on tuesday (May26th) came up the 285 (south) side and the 8-11 and 1-3 closure was in place (although I drove right through it and got nasty looks). No snow even at the top. I drove back towards 285 at 215pm and a "security guard" was blocking the road and stated he was not allowed to open the road until 3pm but had to hold me there until 330pm....made no sense. So I went to the georgetown side and ran into the obigatory closure til 300pm (at cabin creek power station) and then stopped about 1 mile later (more construction) where there was a 5minute delay but they say it can be up to 30 minutes. The road on the north side is horrible. The south side is fine and hopefully that small construction closure (road grading) will be over soon.

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