Please help out a fellow climber!

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Please help out a fellow climber!

Postby marmotman » Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:51 pm

14ers enthusiasts,
My name is Stuart Clark and I’m very close to finishing my goal of climbing all the 14ers within my college career. I have, along with that, been collecting a small rock (golf ball size) from every summit – sorry to the purists. I am planning on giving this collection to my father next Christmas. He is a rock enthusiast; he has rocks from all over the world. I know he will love this gift. During my early climbing I did not originally have this idea. As a result I don’t have rocks from 11 of summits and don’t have the time to climb these again as well as to finish the last few 14ers on my list before I graduate and have to leave Colorado for good. If you or anyone you know plans on climbing any of these peaks listed bellow it would be incredibly helpful to me if you would pick up a rock and send it to me. It will only take a few minuets of your time but would mean the world to my father and myself. I’m currently in Boulder and will be till May at which point I move back to Ohio. If you need to mail it I will obviously cover that cost and then some, if need be. Please help me out. My number is (419) 308-9587. For more information/details please don’t hesitate to call.

The Peaks:
-N. Eolus
-Mt. Holy Cross
-Uncompahgre Peak
-Mt. Antero
-Quandary Peak
-Mt. Evans
-Mt. Wilson
-El Diente Peak
-Snowmass Mtn.
-Challenger Pt.
-Mt. Columbia

Please help out a fellow climber!

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