Thanks for advice

FAQ and threads for those just starting to hike the Colorado 14ers.
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Thanks for advice

Postby 1950trek » Fri Jun 08, 2007 8:51 pm

You responded to a question I had about climbing 14ers. The information you posted included data on gear, "easiet' 14ers for beginners to climb and so on. one of the pieces of advice you gave was to take a class. On June 24 the Englewood REI is hosted a seminar on climbing 14ers, which I am scheduled to attend; there is no fee.
You also suggested finding an experienced person(s) to climb with; I'm still looking. I won't attempt to climb alone and I won't be going until July or early August. I intend to climb Grays Peak first: it's relatively close to where I live (Elizabeth, CO) and the rating is 1. I think I've made a good and thoughtful decision.
Thanks for your help, Bill.
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Postby jimlup » Sat Jun 09, 2007 3:57 am

Hi 1950trek,

I'm also a high school teacher (physics) and an older (49years) newbie. I climbed my first 14er last year (Mt. Yale) with the help of Bill's detailed route description. As a teacher, I'm planning to spend a good part of my summer in CO.

You might have some success finding parterners by linking up with one of the group climbs. The only problem is that people in group climbs are mostly interested in class 2 this summer. I'm doing the full moon climb of Missouri Mountain on June 30th starting at Midnight. It involves a class 2 scramble. My experience with class 2 scrambling was actually postive. I found that the scramble part of my Mt. Yale climb was much easier than some of the class 1 parts, like the steep climb up to the Mt. Yale saddle.

Since I'll be in CO much of the summer and looking for partners, including for some class 1 routes, PM me and maybe we could set something up. I'm interested in doing the Grays-Torreys combo but I was considering doing the class 3 Kelso ridge route to Torreys and then heading over to Grays. I might be interested in doing the class 1 Grays route as a scouting mission and inorder to satiesfy the silly 3000' rule.


Jim L.
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