First-timers on the Sawtooth

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Re: First-timers on the Sawtooth

Postby bpko » Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:56 pm

wildlobo71 wrote:
bpko wrote:Ended up taking my friends up Sherman. The climb was great, everyone did amazingly well, and was nice having four dogs accompanying us (3 of the 4 were also first-timers to 14ers). The only snag we hit was the vague trailhead directions in my CMC 14ers guidebook. We couldn't find the "ghost town" of Leavick that it talked about, and we misinterpreted a private property sign. Other than that, a great adventure!

Leavick is the big ruin of the mining building up four mile creek... the town was all about the mine, so if you were at the mine, you were at the town.

Good job on the mountain!

Yeah I sort of made the executive decision after three or four times of driving up and down Park County Road 18 in search of the town. I suppose I read too much into the word "town." I wasn't expecting a single building, or two.
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