Bora Bora hiking/climbing?

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Re: Bora Bora hiking/climbing?

Postby nyker » Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:57 am

Dave, how much time are you giving yourself?

How about this: Fly to Australia - but stop off in Tahiti/Moorea/Bora Bora for a few days before or after. Many flights stop there anyway with the option to extend for no extra flight cost. Moorea is very nice with few tourists and only a 45min ferry from Tahiti.

I lived in Sydney for a while. Australia has awesome beaches, especially the ones you need to hike to where you may not see a soul. Sydney and Melbourne and then pan out from there. Great Ocean Road is a must see all along tons of nice beaches and ocean scenery. You also get a lot of unique wildlife and a "bush experience" along the way. The Great Barrier Reef and The tropical North also has some nice spots up there.

Then there is Bali, south Thailand...
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Layne Bracy
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Re: Bora Bora hiking/climbing?

Postby Layne Bracy » Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:51 pm

We went to Tahiti for our honeymoon, visiting 3 islands for 3 days each.

On Bora Bora, we tried to hike Mt Pahia without a guide. The trail disappeared fairly quickly, but we kept going up for a couple hours until a cliff blocked progress. Things really got interesting on the descent. The thick vegetation prevents any view of the general terrain.

We descended until realizing that daylight was right in front of us and we were cliffed out. We would then ascend, move laterally and try to descend again. Over and over. For awhile it seemed that we might end up bivying on the mountain, despite being able to see the village and ships on the coast just 1-2 miles away.

Next time, we'll hire a guide! :)
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Re: Bora Bora hiking/climbing?

Postby davebks » Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:04 am

Thanks all, we are now leaning toward Grenada as an option. It is closer and offers a lot of the same kinds of things to do. I am still not 100% yet but I think it made more sense in the long run.
Anyone been there?

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