Mont Blanc Avalanche

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Re: Mont Blanc Avalanche

Postby BAUMGARA » Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:05 pm

No, you essentially have three choices from the French side or roughly the north side of the moutain. 3 mont traverse, Grand Mulets, and the Gouter. The Grand Mulets and the The Mont Traverse involve glacier crossing in which seracs, crevasses and avalanche will always have to be dealt with. The gouter route doesn't have much seracs or isn't prone to cervasses or avalanches as much as the other two but the grand couloir is going to be you biggest opstical, (YouTube "grand couloir rock fall" and you'll see what I mean.) And once you're past that you essentially have 1500' of class 3/4 scrambling to reach the gouter hut. From there is a matter of simple glacier traversing with a couple spots that require your attention. But the Grand Mulets route and 3 Mont Traverse are the most technical and susptable to seracs fall and avalanches.
Mont Blanc is a really fun mountain.

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