Ecuador - Cotopaxi Climbing tour

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Re: Ecuador - Cotopaxi Climbing tour

Postby peakmind » Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:11 pm

Haliku wrote:
socal_ck wrote:sounds successful minus the hut noise. I was curious to see what those places were like.

Ear plugs are worth their weight in gold when in the huts. Never expect to sleep real well at 15+k unless you are on a long trip. The key is to just lay down, be still and rest till the alarm goes off. Any sleep you do get is a bonus. Cheers!

An excellent point. On a trip to Cotopoxi, I didn't sleep a wink due to a snow-blower or generator noise that really sounded just like a lawn mower (I had many hours to think about it). The next day I was asking if anyone knew what machine was killing us the night before; it was a guy snoring.

His wife must be deaf.

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