Mt. Hood/Shasta/Rainier 2015

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Re: Mt. Hood/Shasta/Rainier 2015

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I've done all 3:

Shasta: June 2020. 1 day on Avalanche Gulch route. 4:45am - 5:30pm, summit at 12:30pm (Total: 11:45 hours). We started hiking pretty late, but we had a good pace. One strenuous part, we avoided 2 rolling stones that could have hurt us really bad. One of the 2 friends I was with decided to turn back because of the stones. They rolled within 6 ft of her. Equipment: Ice Axe, Crampons, Helmet, not roped in.

Rainier: August 2020. 2 days on Normal Route. Day 1 to Camp Muir: 12pm - 6pm (Total: 6 hours) Day 2: 3:30am - 6pm, summit at 9:00am (Total: 14:30 hours). The most difficult of the 3. No real danger, crevasses were small, except one with a ladder, easy to cross. The 2nd day is just very strenuous. Equipment: Camping equipment, Ice Axe, Crampons, Helmet, roped in.

Hood: June 2021. 1 day on Normal Route. 1:15am - 9am, summit at 6:15am (Total: 7:45hours). The easiest of the 3, but last part is quite strenuous. No real danger. Some falling ice towards the top but I jumped on the ground and the pieces of ice hit my helmet. On that day, an older guy tripped on the way down and fell to his death though. Equipment: Ice Axe, Crampons, Helmet, not roped in.
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