2021 Goals

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2021 Goals

Post by AnnaG22 » Tue Dec 01, 2020 8:59 pm

We kicked off the 2020 goals thread in December of 2019, so let's get rolling on 2021!

Get to a total of 160 CO 14er summits.
Finally do my 20th 14er snowflake. Got a bunch of 13erflakes this past winter, but no 14ers. I have no intentions of doing all the 14ers in calendar winter, but I'd like to eventually have done at least 25 of them in calendar winter.
At least one more 14er ski descent.
A couple 13er skis.
>ski Grizzly couloir. Been dreaming about that ski line for years.
Do 18+ new 13ers, including finally doing Casco Peak and Mount Ouray.
Ski 30+ days.
Run another marathon.
Run another ultra.
Run at least 1,000 miles.
Run a half marathon 1h45 or faster.
At least 2 more summits outside of Colorado.
Get a COVID vaccine sooner rather than later.
EDIT: Do at least one more 14er with my mom (she has done 12 unique, 16 total).

EDIT 2: sort of mountain-related. I already have made a habit of trying to only fly once per year for my carbon footprint. I intend to continue that aspiration but am committing to purchasing carbon offsets for any flights I take starting next year. It matters. The last 3 times I've flown have all taken me to/from places with dying glaciers. Some irony there.
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Re: 2021 Goals

Post by ekalina » Tue Dec 01, 2020 9:18 pm

AnnaG, nice. 1000 miles of running is an exciting goal.

I'm not sure how this will go, since I have a tendency to get distracted by the problem of the day/week/month when it comes to hiking. But it's not a contract, so what do I have to lose? :-D

-Hike at least 150 miles and 50,000 vertical feet
-100 career ranked peaks (18 left)
-50 career Boulder County ranked peaks (9 left)
-20 career IPW ranked peaks (5 left)
-Finish the Raymond quad in Boulder County (5 left)
-Backpack into Pine Creek; hike at least three 14ers and two 13ers from base camp
-Go on at least one backpacking trip (could be the above trip or a different one)
-Hike at least one peak in a national park other than Rocky
-Bison Peak in the LCW
-And above all, enjoy nature
-Oh, and don't get COVID. That would seem to jeopardize the other goals.
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Re: 2021 Goals

Post by JROSKA » Tue Dec 01, 2020 9:26 pm

Mine are relatively simple, as they relate to 14ers.

KC / Challenger summits (I’m 0-for-5 there but that will change).

Maroon Bells (possibly the traverse).

A total of five 14er summits, to keep me on pace to be a finisher in 4 years (I have 20 left).

Sometimes I set goals a bit too high & end up somewhat disappointed. I think this list is reasonable & attainable, with anything extra being a “bonus”.
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Re: 2021 Goals

Post by Scott P » Tue Dec 01, 2020 9:40 pm

I don't know how COVID is going to affect overseas travel plans, so right now this only includes peaks in the US.

Generic Goals for 2021

Hiking and Climbing Days = 250
Summits Climbed = 150
Rock Towers/Technical Buttes = 10
Technical Rock or Ice Routes = 30
Technical Canyons = 30

I probably won't finish all of these (but hopefully will finish most), but here are my Specific Goals for 2021 (may take some off the list if I finish them in 2020 though). I could use partners for several of these, so if you are interested, please let me know.

Mountains (or Hills)

Kit Carson Mountain (Colorado)
Challenger Point (Colorado)
Crestone Peak (Colorado)
Crestone Needle (Colorado)
Mount Eolus (Colorado)
Sunlight Peak (Colorado)
North Eolus (Colorado)
Grand Teton (Wyoming)
South Caineville Mesa (Utah)
Black Mountain (Henderson, Nevada)
Mount Ellsworth (Utah)
Mount Holmes (Utah)
Vestal Peak-Wham Ridge (Colorado)
Bison Peak (Colorado)
Mount Columbia (Colorado)
Spanish Fork Peak
Ben Lomond (Utah)
Grandview Peak (Utah)
Mount Waas (Utah)
Pilot Mountain (Utah)
Green Mountain (Utah)
Castle Mountain (Utah)
La Sal Peak (Utah)
Manns Peak (Utah)
Mount Tomasaki (Utah)
Burro Ridge (Utah)
Mount Mellenthin (Utah)
Mount Peale (Utah)
Thousand Lake Mountain (Utah)
Mount Hillers (Utah)
The Horn (Utah)
Sids Mountain (Utah)
Bull Mountain (Utah)
Mount Pennell (Utah)
Mount Powell (Colorado)
Emory Peak (Texas
South Rim (Texas)
Pinnacle #1 (Utah)
Chute Buttress (Utah)
Greg Mace Peak (Colorado)
Gray Head BM (Utah)
Hite BM (Utah)
Swallow Rocks (Utah)
Peak 5750 (Colorado)
Baldy Cinco (Colorado)
Crag Crest (Colorado)
Mount Garfield (Colorado-near Palisade)
West Elk Peak (Colorado)
Green Mountain (Colorado-Black Canyon)
Mount Sniktau (Colorado)
Dinosaur Hill (Colorado)
Riggs Hill (Colorado)
Peak 5239 (Colorado)
Peak 5482 (Utah)
Mack BM (Colorado)
Peak 7182 (Colorado)
Gibbler Mountain (Colorado)
Peak 6780 (Colorado)
Triangle Mesa (Colorado)
Peak 5059 (Utah)
Peak 5140 (Utah)
Peak 10,926 (Colorado-LCW)
South Mountain (Utah-La Sals)
Tunnel Point (Colorado)
Peak 5180 (Colorado)
Pinyon Mesa (Colorado)
Peak 12,585 (Colorado)
Hoosier Ridge
Peak 5700 (Colorado)
Black Ridge (Colorado)
Chalk Mountain (Colorado)
South Shale Ridge (Colorado)
Mount Jefferson (Oregon)
Glacier Peak (Washington)
Mount Washington-winter ascent (New Hampshire)
South Sister (Oregon)
Coxcomb Peak (Colorado)
Redcliff Peak (Colorado)
Fortress Peak (Colorado)
Precipice Peak (Colorado)
Peak 5780 (Utah-San Rafael Reef)
Fiftymile Mountain (Utah)
Black Crook Peak (Utah)
Ibapah Peak (Utah)
Haystack Peak (Utah)
Mt. Timpanogos (Utah)
Humphreys Peak (Arizona)

Rock Towers/Technical Buttes/Technical Summits

Lizard Head (Colorado)
Sphinx (Utah)
Canyon Point Butte (Utah)
Lost World Butte (Utah)
Tomsich Butte (Utah)
Chimney Rock (Utah)
Dallas Peak (Colorado)
Dunce Rock (Utah)
Looking Glass Rock (Utah)
Boars Tusk (Wyoming)
Bullet Hole (Colorado)
Second Flatiron (Colorado)
Third Flatiron (Colorado)
Jabba the Hut (Colorado-Rabbit Valley)
Walmart Tower (Colorado)
Elephant Butte (Utah-Arches)
Sport Boulder (Colorado)
Sport Boulder West (Colorado)

Slot Canyons/Technical Canyons

West Canyon (Arizona)
Cha Canyon (Arizona)
Nasja Canyon (Arizona)
Lower Larry (Utah)
Davis Gulch (Utah)
Bull Valley Gorge (Utah)
Willis Creek (Utah)
Fivemile Wash (Utah)
High Spur (Utah)
Spencer Canyon (Utah)
Hades Knoll Canyon (Arizona)
Cove Canyon (Arizona)
Badger Canyon (Arizona)
Soap Creek (Arizona)
Rider Canyon (Arizona)
North Canyon (Arizona)
Sevenmile Canyon (Utah-Ticaboo)
Duckett Slot (Utah)
Shoot TC Canyon (Utah)
Little White Roost (Utah)
Devils 1 (Utah)
Jackass Creek (Arizona)
Cathedral Wash (Arizona)
Cottonwood Canyon (Utah)
Boulder Creek (Utah-Escalante)
Constrychnine (Utah)
Adobe Swale (Utah)
Slidenide (Utah)
Hart (Utah)
Gruvers Slot (Utah)
Fry Canyon (Utah)
Lower Ute Canyon (Colorado)
Drillhole Canyon (Utah)
Red Breaks (Utah)
Burch Canyon (Utah)
Turtle Tears (Nevada)
Hidden Canyon (Nevada)
Rigpin (Nevada)
Sheepbone (Nevada)
Quarry Canyon (Nevada)
Cherry Canyon (Arizona)
Columbus Canyon (Colorado)
Ribbon Canyon (Colorado)
Pleiadis Canyon (Utah)
Burro Canyon (Utah)
Three Bridges Canyon (Utah)
Upper Knowles Canyon  (Colorado)
Chasm Canyon (Colorado)
Zero Gravity (Utah)
Kodels Canyon (Colorado)
East Fork Ribbon Canyon (Colorado)
Black Hole (Utah)
Benson Creek (Utah)
Middle Fork Maidenwater (Utah)
South Fork Maidenwater (Utah)

Backpacking Trips

Tonto Trail (Arizona)
Clear Creek (Arizona)
Swett Creek (Utah)
Fourmile Canyon (Utah)
Sams Mesa Box Canyon (Utah)
Spring and Nates Canyons (Utah)
Floy Canyon (Utah)
Main Canyon (Colorado)
Coal Creek (Utah)
Flat and Rock Creek Loop (Utah)
Saddlehorse Canyon (Utah)
Phantom to Crystal Loop (Arizona)
Deer Creek to Kanab Creek Loop (Arizona)
Lower Grand Gulch (Utah)
Slickhorn Canyon (Utah)
North Rainbow Trail (Utah)
Blue Lake/Indian Point (Colorado)
Silver Falls Creek (Utah)
Bullock Draw/South Fork Coal Wash (Utah)
Gypsum Canyon (Utah)
White Crack (Utah)
Twin Corral Box Canyon (Utah)
Bandelier National Monument (New Mexico)

Day Hikes
Mee Canyon to the Alcove (Colorado)
Seiber Canyon (Colorado)
Echo Canyon (Colorado)
Serpents Trail (Colorado)
Redlands Mesa Trails (Colorado)
West Bench Trail (Colorado)
Old Spanish Trail-Gunnison Bluffs (Colorado)
Devils Canyon Overlook (Colorado)
Lunch Loops from White Cap (Colorado)
Lunch Loops from Tabeguach (Colorado)
Lake of the Woods Trail (Colorado)
McDonald Creek Benches (Colorado)
Ribbon Trail (Colorado)
Devils Kitchen (Colorado)
Monument Canyon-top to bottom (Colorado)
Liberty Cap Trail (Colorado)
Bullock Draw (Utah)
Devils Canyon (Colorado)
Highland Lake Trails (Colorado)
Big Dominguez Canyon (Colorado)
Little Hole (Utah)
McDonald Creek (Colorado)
Black Ridge Trail (Colorado)
Rifle Arch (Colorado)
Flume Canyon Trails (Colorado)
Wedding Canyon-Monument Canyon Loop (Colorado)
Echo Lake (Colorado)
Lower No Thouroughare Canyon (Colorado)
Fruita Reservoir #1 Trail/Ridge Trail/Haypress Trail/Turkey Flats Trail Loop (Colorado)
Escalante Canyon Potholes (Colorado)
Lower Calf Creek (Utah)
Good Vibes/Snakeskin/First Flat Loop (Colorado)
Upper Liberty Cap (Colorado)
Rochester Panel (Utah)
Short Canyon-Concretions (Utah)
Neck Spring Loop (Utah)
Wilhite Trail (Utah)
Gooseberry Trail (Utah)
Grand View Point (Utah)
Monument Basin Trail (Utah)
Millard Canyon (Utah)
Hunter Canyon (Colorado)
Demaree Canyon (Colorado)
Dry Wash (Colorado)
Fisher Towers
River Trail
Lower Paria

Canoeing/Rafting Trips

Gunnison River-Delta to Grand Junction (Colorado)
San Rafael River (Utah)
White River (Utah)
Yampa River (Colorado)
San Juan River (Utah)
Colorado River-Ruby Horsetheif (Colorado)
Colorado River-Black Canyon (Nevada-Arizona)

Non-Summit Crags and Climbs

Hands (Grand Junction)
Chimney (Grand Junction)
Car Jacking (Ouray)
Sport 1 (Grand Junction)
Sport 2 (Grand Junction)
Sport 3 (Grand Junction)
Random Sport (Grand Junction)
Hooose (Grand Mesa)
Hole Way (Grand Junction)
Hanuman (Grand Junction)
White Spice (Grand Junction)
Budget Corner (Grand Junction)
Pip's Gully (Grand Junction)
Mario's Police Lock (Grand Junction)
Otto's Ladder (Grand Junction)
Kibbles and Grits (Unaweep)
Roses Rock (Unaweep)
Back Nine (Unaweep)
Spocks Socks (Unaweep)
Red Corner (Unaweep)
My Weekend World (Unaweep)
Unknown (Unaweep)
Spirit Animal (Unaweep)
Fart Gun (Unaweep)
Tippy Toes (Unaweep)
Just Your Opinyon (Unaweep)
Elephant Head (Unaweep)
First Step (Rifle)
Supre Guide (Rifle)
Doctor's Orders (Rifle)
Rehab (Rifle)
Do the Mash Potato (Rifle)
Rachel's Route (Rifle)
Casual Stroll (Rifle)
Illusions P1 (Rifle)
Arm and Hammer P1 (Rifle)
Waterfall (Glenwood)
Jungle Monkey (Glenwood)
The Harvey (Glenwood)
Bearded Outlaw (Glenwood)
Five O'Clock (Glenwood)
Traditional Values (Glenwood)
Grey Slab (Glenwood)
Easiest Main Elk (Glenwood)
Dipthing (Glenwood)
Left Handed Blunt (Glenwood)
Sesame Street (Glenwood)
WSPR 1 (Grand Junction)
WSPR 2 (Grand Junction)
WSPR 3 (Grand Junction)
WSPR 4 (Grand Junction)
Normal Life (Unaweep)
Wind, Sand, and Snow (Rabbit Valley)


Learn how to use a GPS
Backpack every month of the year
Camp in -20 or below temperatures to test some gear out.

Proposed time frames:

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Re: 2021 Goals

Post by nyker » Tue Dec 01, 2020 10:25 pm

Subject to other life events and the world getting back to some sense of normalcy...

* 30 new 13ers
* Finish ADK fire towers
* 10 NH 4000ers
* 5 CA 14ers
* Mt Charleston NV
* Agassiz Peak, AZ
* Mt Adams WA
* Japan Alps - 6 peaks
* Chilean volcanoes
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Re: 2021 Goals

Post by HikesInGeologicTime » Tue Dec 01, 2020 10:34 pm

I am just superstitious enough to be moderately convinced that I’m jinxing myself by posting anything at all, especially #1, but...

1. 12 more fourteeners, which would bring me to 58/58
2. Summit a fourteener in December (...preferably *this* December, which makes this more of a Giving 2020 One Last Chance to Not Totally Suck goal) and April, as those are the only two months in which I haven’t climbed one.
Edit: as of 12/9, 2020 doesn’t totally suck! Thank you, Bierstadt, for your relative ease and reliability!
Second edit, 5/1: as of 4/29, I have now summited a fourteener in each month of the year! Thank you, Quandary, for your accessibility!
3. Ski at least one fourteener. Which is a holdover goal from last year and proof that the best 2020 can hope for is only achieving 99.9999...% suckage.
Edit, 5/1: Thanks for the twofer...1.5er?..., Quandary!
4. Hit a 13k+’ summit every month. Bonus points if it’s a Cent.
5. Get at least a few of the thousands or so story ideas out of my head and onto some medium where they can be shared with others. You’d think all the time I’ve spent stuck inside this year would’ve been good for my writing. You’d be wrong.
6. 12 new fourteener snowflakes. I got 5 last year and then 5 new fourteeners from spring-fall. Clearly there is such a direct correlation that it is actually a causal relationship. No word yet on how it works if one or more snowflakes are also new fourteeners, but I am kinda curious...
All peaks I'd previously summited in summer, but never before in winter, so... Booyah, as the kids used to say back when I was one!
7. I have a snowflake listed for Mt. Flora. I found out in recent months that what I actually snowflaked was Flora’s subsummit. I either need to tag the actual summit this winter or remove my snowflake, and I know which one I’d rather do...at least, right now, when I’m lounging on my comfy couch in my (somewhat :p ) insulated home vs. actually slogging through snow and wind above treeline.
Edit as of 12/30: Got this one knocked out before 2021 even rolled in! :D
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Re: 2021 Goals

Post by HikerGuy » Tue Dec 01, 2020 11:01 pm

About the same as 2020.

20 to 25 more Bicentennials plus another 30 ranked 13ers.
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Re: 2021 Goals

Post by coopereitel » Wed Dec 02, 2020 4:08 am

-finish 14ers (25 left)
-15+ ranked 13ers including some cents
-ski 50 days
-get a snowflake 14er
-get a snowflake 13er
-ski something with a checkbox on the site
-some sort of snow climbs
-do something out of state
-find people to do these things with

Also if you don't mind I think I'll use Scott's list as cool ideas for different types of adventures to do. That's a lot of solid info
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Re: 2021 Goals

Post by bmcqueen » Wed Dec 02, 2020 5:04 am

While I'm still whittling away at 2020 goals this month (so current status remains subject to what I get done), I'll go ahead and lay out some 2021 hiking goals now:


1. Three of last five spring 14ers, including S. Maroon via Bell Cord
2. Longs in Jan to finish monthly grid
3. Lincoln group in Feb to finish monthly grid
4. 12 more Sawatch grid slots (currently at 96/192)
5. Help others develop new skills
6. 10 new bi-centennials (currently 40 to go), including at least one tough one (targeting Coxcomb)
7. Two new 14er snowflakes (currently 11 to go, but hopefully that goes down a little between 12/21 and 12/31 (NONE OF MY NEW ONES WERE SAFE IN THIS WINDOW, SO STILL 11 TO GO)
8. >75 total 13er/14er summits (ranked/unranked) for 2021
9. Three 13er snowflakes (currently have a lowly 6 ranked snowflakes)
10. At least one day out with my wife, my son and my daughter (likely to be different days)
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Re: 2021 Goals

Post by climbingcue » Wed Dec 02, 2020 6:05 am

1. Finish Centennials only 3 left Red 1/16/21, Jagged, and Phoenix 2/28/21
2. Work on finishing a 2nd round on the 14ers Only 22 left
3. Continue my streak of at least one 14er per month (Currently at 36 months as of 2/28/2021)
4. Mt Rainer
5. Mt Whitney Mountaineers route
6. Get as many snowboarding days in as possible on my IKON full pass (Hopefully Covid does ruin it) so far 19 days as of 2/27/21
7. Splitboard some more 14ers and 13ers
8. Help a number of my climbing partners get through the rest of their 14er and Centennial lists
9. Break 250k vertical feet climbed again
10. Bring more people on their 1st 14er summit
11. Lizard Head
12. Finish the last two grand traverses in Colorado, I need Little Bear Blanca and then the Wilson traverse
13. Crestone traverse for the 3rd time
14. Bells traverse for the 2nd time
15. Bell Cord
16. Attend the Spring, Fall and Winter Welcomers if they are safe to have
17. More 14er snowflakes
18. Get to 200 13er summits
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Re: 2021 Goals

Post by nunns » Wed Dec 02, 2020 7:04 am

You guys make me feel very inferior. Probably because I am.

Bring honor and glory to God in my life.
Continue to mentor young people.
1200 miles of running.
Crestone group (14ers and 13ers).
Get one year closer to retirement (when I will hopefully be able to climb more).

Sean Nunn
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Re: 2021 Goals

Post by desertdog » Wed Dec 02, 2020 7:14 am

I would be stoked to do these routes...

1. Peak G Ripsaw Ridge Gores
2. Peak 15 Group (Peak 16 Monitor, Thirteen, Animas)
3. Blanca Gash Ridge
5. The Sharkstooth RMNP NE Ridge
6. Petit Grepon RMNP South Face
7. Spearhead RMNP Northridge
8. Maroons Bell Cord
9. Trinity Traverse

10. Forbidden Peak West Ridge, WA
11. Baker North Ridge, WA

I would also like to do something international but with Covid who knows.
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