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Re: Unexpected

Post by jfm3 »

I climbed Castle & Conundrum in early October 2018. It was snowing lightly all day and stayed cold. Didn't see a soul all day, until I was walking down the road on the descent. Somehow, some way, a dark blue Mercedes SUV had made it a few miles up the 4WD road. The window rolled down and two tourists, dressed fashionably in faux fur, asked me where Conundrum Hot Springs was. I informed them it was on the other side of the mountain, but they weren't convinced. I continued descending, and they slowly continued driving up. Navigational issues aside, I was absolutely amazed they managed to get across the ruts at the creek crossing in a luxury vehicle with such little ground clearance. I guess they eventually made it out, but it was quite unexpected after being up there alone all day.

I also found a single spent case for a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson cartridge just below Capitol Lake on Sunday.
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Re: Unexpected

Post by tlerunner »

Bard Creek Trail. Wonderfull carving. No longer there.
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Re: Unexpected

Post by WanderingJim »

Alan Arnette wrote: Thu Jul 22, 2021 5:02 pm Not "on" a 14er but pretty close. One of two F-16s over Elbert on July 11, 2018.
Had some fighter jets buzz me while I was climbing Elbert on the 26th. At first I thought it was thunder.


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Re: Unexpected

Post by Trotter »

HikerGuy wrote: Thu Jul 22, 2021 7:33 pm
TheRealRooster wrote: Thu Jul 22, 2021 7:16 pm Not that the summit of Evans is a remote peak where you're unlikely to find civilization, but it was still odd to come up the ridge from the North Face and run into a film crew at the summit. They were shooting a Patagonia (no, the other one) Beer commercial. We drank a beer or two with them and then actually shot some cheesy footage of my partner and I coming up to the summit, meeting their (much better looking) paid climber, and cracking some cold ones. Think of the Coors Light or Mich Ultra commercials where you and your best bros are doing super awesome extreme stuff then drinking beer. Signed waivers/releases to our likenesses and everything. Bid adieu, skied some perfect corn, and never heard from them again.
Did you make the cut? 45 seconds in? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eba1RipmEkI
I love how very carefully framed and edited that commercial is to hide all the signs, roads, cars, etc that are on mt evans. Makes it seem like a remote wilderness 🙄

Unexpected for me was climbing west apostle and finding a campsite with a bunch of white goats in it... on leashes. Turns out this group owned or hired "pack goats" to carry their gear for them.
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Re: Unexpected

Post by GuiGirard »

Being alone on a 14er. It happened twice climbing 3 peaks last week (once on La Plata and once on San Luis, where I was alone when leaving the summit.).
It was awesome.
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Re: Unexpected

Post by ltlFish99 »

8 days ago I hiked tabeguache from the Jennings creek trailhead. There were no other people at the trailhead the entire night, and I did not see a single person on the trail all the way to the summit, and back to my car.
I cannot remember the last time I spent the whole day alone on a 14er.
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Re: Unexpected

Post by jbgarman »

Crazed looking marmot with a carcass.
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Re: Unexpected

Post by nyker »

Always felt those marmots were up to no good... careful, don't fall asleep on the summit.
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Re: Unexpected

Post by dwemp6 »

I came across a fox above 13k feet while on Baldy outside Breckenridge on Sunday morning. I've never seen one so far above tree line.
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Re: Unexpected

Post by shelly+ »

Meeting the most amazing and kind people on 14ers. It happens a lot (of course) but is always unexpected and special.
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Re: Unexpected

Post by nmjameswilson »

Sneffels last year a lady had just finished the ridge route and squatted down and peed right in front of me. Sorry no pics lol
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Re: Unexpected

Post by coffbrauhaus »

We were coming up American Basin in late June this year and both saw something unexpected and were the unexpected. When we got close to the trailhead, we came across the charred, hulking carcass of an ATV that had caught fire and been left to burn. When we descended, it was gone, leaving only a pile of ash on the ground, and I don't think our RT on Handies was more than four hours. No pictures, but it was very, very surreal in the morning fog.

We were the unexpected because we somehow got a Honda Accord up to within a mile of the trailhead. So many double-takes on the way back down; it was fantastic.
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