Climate Change

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Climate change:

is happening and is a direct consequence of industrialism and overpopulation over the last 200yrs and if we do nothing, humans are going to live in dramatically different, inhospitable conditions over the next 200yrs, think Mad Max
is happening and is just a natural cycle of the earth and environment, will happen again once we are long gone, and possibly not much we can do about it except maybe at the margin
is likely happening and we just currently lack sufficient information over a long enough period to draw an accurate conclusion of the extent that humans have possibly impacted its potential acceleration
is Hogwash, what climate change? It's the media and politicians trying to scare us or sway votes and public opinion. EVs? I don't even like charging my phone.
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Re: Climate Change

Post by painless4u2 »

"If all human emissions of heat-trapping gases were to stop today, Earth’s temperature would continue to rise for a few decades as ocean currents bring excess heat stored in the deep ocean back to the surface."

In other words. if the entire world, including China and India, along with the US reverted to the dark ages, nothing will happen for decades. It is extremely unlikely the world will achieve zero emissions for the foreseeable future. If climate change is dependent on human activity, it really doesn't matter. ... al-warming
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Re: Climate Change

Post by kman »

Just getting in before the thread lock...
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Re: Climate Change

Post by cottonmountaineering »

kman wrote: Sat Jun 12, 2021 6:06 pm Just getting in before the thread lock...
ah yes, the sun, the one thing scientists totally forgot about and didnt bother measuring radiation for over the years
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Re: Climate Change

Post by Bale »

Data from glacier cores, tree rings, ocean acidification, ocean temps, retreating glaciers, good old air temps, etc. all suggest AGW, but who knows? In any case, it’s getting warm out there!
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Re: Climate Change

Post by Bale »

Kman’s chart actually unintentionally highlights the severity of the problem since what we’re dealing with is the modification of the Earth’s atmosphere in a way that magnifies the power of that big-ass sun.
The earth, like the sun, like the air, belongs to everyone - and to no one. - Edward Abbey
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Re: Climate Change

Post by timewarp01 »

Looking at current trends in the context of a larger time scale might help those who doubt humanity's ability to impact their planet's atmosphere:
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Re: Climate Change

Post by Iguru »

400 million years from now, it won't matter a rats a** how badly we f*** up the planet.
And we are f***ing up the planet.
But our kids and grandkids might care.
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Re: Climate Change

Post by montanahiker »

nyker wrote: Sat Jun 12, 2021 12:44 pm TNF thread got me thinking...
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Re: Climate Change

Post by myfeetrock »

prairiechicken wrote: Sat Jun 12, 2021 2:13 pm
myfeetrock wrote: Sat Jun 12, 2021 2:08 pm 95%.Not 100% without a doubt. To each his own. We don't have to share the same views.
I don't think you understand statistics, or science in general. Nothing can be 100% without a doubt. Nothing.
I'm a big fan of science. Especially volcanos. As for statistics, they say the more I disagree with you, the more agitated you will become.
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Re: Climate Change

Post by ClimbandMine »

We need to do something, but ...

Sierra Club doesn't help by baiting oil Co. Golfers while flying around in a plane towing a banner. Burning oil.

TNF doesn't help by their virtue signaling.

Companies and made of people. People with livelihoods and families they work hard to support. Whether its in drilling, pipelines, construction, power generation, etc - almost all of these folks just try to do the right thing every day and go home to their families at night.

So, when they see a virtue signaling environmentalist telling them to do *something* about climate change that essentially means giving up their livelihood AND BEING BLATANT HYPOCRITES about it in the process, what do you think the vast majority of people will do? Agree? Of course not... Turn away and reject the idea.

If we want change, the tactics need to change...

Sales and marketing is all about selling an idea. Sell the idea, don't be dicks. Don't be Sierra Club.
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Re: Climate Change

Post by greenonion »

montanahiker wrote: Sat Jun 12, 2021 2:24 pm So Mad Max or three versions of "nothing to see here"? :-k

Can you tell a person's political views by how they write a poll? I think you can.
Can you tell a person's political views by how they respond to threads with polls. I think you can. :-"
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Re: Climate Change

Post by nunns »

The biggest issue that I have with a lot of far left environmentalists is that they go around yelling about how global warming is going to kill us, but their lifestyles probably burn more CO2 than mine does. I try to do my part to live lightly on the planet. I have a problem with big government solutions to almost anything: they don't work.

Sean Nunn
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