Colorado 13ers: Routes, Photos, Trip Reports, Maps & Tools isn't just about 14ers! Here you'll find tons of information on Colorado's 13ers (Thirteeners). 13er climbing has become more popular in recent years as people look for a bit more solitude and peakbagging beyond the 14ers. Using the filter criteria, view 13ers by mountain range before tapping column headers to sort the list.

Range Routes Member
"Sunlight Spire"013,996'San Juan94
Stewart Pk055213,983'San Juan2611
Pigeon Pk057413,972'San Juan348
Gladstone Pk0671413,913'San Juan2436
"Phoenix Pk"0732013,895'San Juan430
Vermilion Pk0742113,894'San Juan611
Vestal Pk0772413,864'San Juan516
Jones Mtn A0782513,860'San Juan557
Half Pk0863313,841'San Juan488
Turret Pk A0893613,835'San Juan338
UN 13,8320903713,832'San Juan1561
Jupiter Mtn0923913,830'San Juan470
Jagged Mtn0944113,824'San Juan282
Rio Grande Pyramid0974413,821'San Juan461
Teakettle Mtn0984513,819'San Juan417
UN 13,8110994613,811'San Juan1542
Dallas Pk01004713,809'San Juan1364
Niagara Pk01014813,807'San Juan482
American Pk01024913,806'San Juan418
Trinity Pk01035013,805'San Juan278
Arrow Pk01045113,803'San Juan397
Organ Mtn A01065313,801'San Juan285
UN 13,79501095613,795'San Juan158
"Column Ridge"013,795'San Juan128
Animas Mtn01125913,786'San Juan112
Potosi Pk01136013,786'San Juan1202
Golden Horn01166313,780'San Juan332
US Grant Pk01196613,767'San Juan235
"West Trinity"01206713,765'San Juan269
Fuller Pk013,761'San Juan361
San Miguel Pk01247113,752'San Juan136
Storm King Pk01257213,752'San Juan141
"East Trinity"01287513,745'San Juan251
"West Dallas"013,741'San Juan20
"West Eolus"013,740'San Juan23
"South Windom"013,740'San Juan10
Grizzly Pk B01307713,738'San Juan122
Pilot Knob A01327913,738'San Juan159
"T 0"01348113,735'San Juan108
"Animas Forks Mtn"01368313,722'San Juan167
Pole Creek Mtn01388513,716'San Juan109
Silver Mtn A01398613,714'San Juan113
La Garita Pk013,710'San Juan79
UN 13,708013,708'San Juan126
Six, Pk01449113,705'San Juan107
Thirteen, Pk013,705'San Juan82
Glacier Point013,704'San Juan95
Grizzly Pk C01459213,700'San Juan94
Fifteen, Pk01469313,700'San Juan199
Baldy Alto01479413,698'San Juan368
Monitor Pk01489513,695'San Juan112
Gilpin Pk01499613,694'San Juan169
"Kismet"013,694'San Juan36
Rolling Mtn01509713,693'San Juan139
"Every Mtn"01519813,691'San Juan164
"Cooper Creek Pk"015310013,688'San Juan175
UN 13,688015410113,688'San Juan119
Cirque Mtn015510213,686'San Juan181
Oso, Mt015710413,684'San Juan186
Seven, Pk015810513,682'San Juan94
UN 13,681015910613,681'San Juan99
"Quarter Pk"016110813,674'San Juan162
Lookout Pk016611313,661'San Juan169
"Northwest Pole"016711413,660'San Juan113
Wood Mtn A016911613,660'San Juan184
Carson Pk017011713,657'San Juan177
Coxcomb Pk017111813,656'San Juan196
Redcliff017512213,642'San Juan197
Silex, Mt018112813,628'San Juan107
White Dome018212913,627'San Juan136
"Noname Needle"013,620'San Juan7
Guardian, The018513213,617'San Juan101
"T 12"013,614'San Juan13
"North Crown Mtn"013,599'San Juan54
Matterhorn Pk019314013,590'San Juan1614
One, Pk019414113,589'San Juan125
UN 13,581019614313,581'San Juan112
Emma, Mt019714413,581'San Juan162
UN 13,580 B020214913,580'San Juan126
Gravel Mtn A013,577'San Juan80
Greylock Mtn020715413,575'San Juan43
Crown Mtn013,569'San Juan65
"Coffeepot"013,568'San Juan150
"Gudy Pk"021115813,566'San Juan108
Wasatch Mtn021416113,555'San Juan83
McCauley Pk021616313,554'San Juan58
Tower Mtn021916613,552'San Juan112
"T 2"013,543'San Juan6
Whitecross Mtn022216913,542'San Juan216
UN 13,540 A022517213,540'San Juan103
UN 13,540 B022617313,540'San Juan90
Eleven, Pk022717413,540'San Juan72
"V 4"022817513,540'San Juan154
UN 13,535023217913,535'San Juan148
Leviathan Pk023718413,528'San Juan82
"V 3"023818513,528'San Juan57
"Cataract Pk"024018713,524'San Juan119
UN 13,510 A024819513,510'San Juan116
UN 13,510 B024919613,510'San Juan107
Bridal Pk025019713,510'San Juan105
Telluride Pk013,509'San Juan136
"Lake Point"013,506'San Juan8
Needle Ridge013,500'San Juan9
Sixteen, Pk013,500'San Juan33
Fowler Pk025620313,498'San Juan60
Mears Pk025920613,496'San Juan49
Whitehouse Mtn A026020713,492'San Juan64
Graystone Pk026321013,489'San Juan57
Storm Pk A026521213,487'San Juan64
Three Needles026621313,481'San Juan88
Canby Mtn026721413,478'San Juan130
Three, Pk026821513,478'San Juan87
"T 10"026921613,477'San Juan109
Two, Pk027021713,475'San Juan80
"V 10"027121813,475'San Juan42
La Junta Pk027322013,472'San Juan95
Eighteen, Pk013,472'San Juan46
Silver Mtn B027422113,470'San Juan59
Ridgway, Mt027522213,468'San Juan57
"Big Blue Pk"013,467'San Juan19
San Joaquin Ridge028423113,460'San Juan77
"East Windom"013,460'San Juan13
Ute Ridge028523213,455'San Juan57
Hanson Pk028623313,454'San Juan108
"Campbell Creek Pk"028723413,454'San Juan77
Kendall Pk028823513,451'San Juan132
"Tundra Top"029023713,450'San Juan140
Hurricane Pk013,447'San Juan60
"S 6"029223913,441'San Juan40
"T 5"029324013,436'San Juan86
"Mountaineer Pk"029624313,434'San Juan117
Twin Sisters East029824513,432'San Juan101
"Sundog"030024713,432'San Juan238
"Oscars Pk"013,432'San Juan56
Gray Needle013,430'San Juan6
Vallecito Mtn030124813,428'San Juan56
UN 13,427030325013,427'San Juan100
Ten, Pk013,420'San Juan18
Index, The013,420'San Juan4
Twin Thumbs, North013,420'San Juan16
"SoSo, Mt"030825513,417'San Juan144
Little Giant Pk030925613,416'San Juan88
"Heisshorn"031125813,411'San Juan64
Four, Pk031225913,410'San Juan39
"S 3"013,410'San Juan16
Nine, Pk031726413,402'San Juan58
UN 13,402031826513,402'San Juan73
Rhoda, Mt031926613,402'San Juan138
Baldy Chato013,401'San Juan184
Bent Pk032327013,393'San Juan1151
"East Pole Creek Mtn"013,391'San Juan11
Chicago Pk032627313,385'San Juan86
Baldy Cinco032927613,383'San Juan166
South Lookout Pk033428113,380'San Juan63
"S 5"013,380'San Juan18
UN 13,377033828513,377'San Juan71
Twin Sisters West034128813,374'San Juan85
Dome Mtn A034429113,370'San Juan69
Sultan Mtn034629313,368'San Juan224
"T 7"035029713,359'San Juan80
UN 13,342035730413,342'San Juan54
Beattie Pk035830513,342'San Juan160
UN 13,340 A036030713,340'San Juan50
UN 13,340 B036230913,340'San Juan36
Kendall Mtn036331013,340'San Juan179
Twin Thumb, South013,340'San Juan15
Brown Mtn A036431113,339'San Juan104
Coney BM036631313,334'San Juan166
"Proposal Pk"036931613,330'San Juan77
Cinnamon Mtn A037031713,328'San Juan165
"East Storm"037332013,325'San Juan60
Sunshine Mtn A037532213,321'San Juan86
Trico Pk037632313,321'San Juan156
Palmyra Pk013,319'San Juan159
"T 8"037832513,315'San Juan78
"Baldy no es Cinco"037932613,313'San Juan149
"C.T. Pk"038232913,312'San Juan97
Aztec Mtn038533213,310'San Juan68
UN 13,310038633313,310'San Juan40
Emery Pk013,310'San Juan47
"V 2"038733413,309'San Juan222
Echo Mtn013,309'San Juan11
UN 13,308038833513,308'San Juan55
"P 2"039033713,302'San Juan40
Summit Pk039233913,300'San Juan148
Middle Pk039334013,300'San Juan60
UN 13,300 A039534213,300'San Juan98
"P 3"039734413,300'San Juan46
UN 13,300 C040034713,300'San Juan86
Galena Mtn A040134813,300'San Juan94
"El Punto"040234913,300'San Juan57
UN 13,300 D040335013,300'San Juan118
"Middle Point"013,300'San Juan13
UN 13,300 E013,300'San Juan24
Electric Pk B040735413,292'San Juan52
Sheep Mtn A040835513,292'San Juan93
Dolores Pk040935613,290'San Juan64
Bonita Pk041035713,286'San Juan81
Five, Pk041235913,283'San Juan48
"Fools Pyramid"041736413,278'San Juan130
Mendota Pk013,275'San Juan42
Seigal Mtn042236913,274'San Juan116
Wildhorse Pk042537213,266'San Juan123
Knife Point042837513,265'San Juan53
Heisspitz, The042937613,262'San Juan40
UN 13,261043037713,261'San Juan81
Darley Mtn043237913,260'San Juan109
UN 13,260 B043438113,260'San Juan115
"V 9"043538213,260'San Juan85
Whitehead Pk013,259'San Juan116
Broken Hill043638313,256'San Juan128
"S 8"044038713,252'San Juan48
"P 1"013,250'San Juan12
"S 4"044539213,242'San Juan36
"Fortress Pk"044639313,241'San Juan79
Hesperus Mtn045139813,232'San Juan155
UN 13,230 A045440113,230'San Juan55
Eight, Pk013,228'San Juan24
UN 13,222 A045940613,222'San Juan45
UN 13,222 B046040713,222'San Juan42
Macomber Pk013,222'San Juan47
"Weminuche Pk"046140813,220'San Juan51
"S 7"046441113,220'San Juan47
Greenhalgh Mtn046341013,220'San Juan77
Lavender Pk046541213,220'San Juan90
California Mtn A013,220'San Juan41
King Solomon Mtn013,220'San Juan60
"Kurzhorn, The"013,220'San Juan24
Little Finger013,220'San Juan5
Irving Pk046841513,218'San Juan142
Engineer Mtn A046941613,218'San Juan205
"Hardrocker"013,214'San Juan66
Campbell Pk013,213'San Juan62
Hayden Mtn South047942613,206'San Juan88
UN 13,206048042713,206'San Juan75
Nebo, Mt048343013,205'San Juan51
Bennett Pk048543213,203'San Juan1149
Tuttle Mtn048643313,203'San Juan95
UN 13,201049043713,201'San Juan76
Moss, Mt013,192'San Juan73
Sheep Mtn B013,188'San Juan26
Valois, Mt049644313,185'San Juan52
Bullion Mtn013,182'San Juan32
Babcock Pk049944613,180'San Juan87
UN 13,180 A050044713,180'San Juan56
Grand Turk050244913,180'San Juan230
UN 13,180 C013,180'San Juan63
Point Pun013,180'San Juan12
Yellow Mtn South013,177'San Juan26
Conejos Pk050545213,172'San Juan142
UN 13,169050645313,169'San Juan50
Sheep Mtn C050745413,168'San Juan73
Amherst Mtn050845513,165'San Juan41
"Stony Pass Pk"050945613,165'San Juan118
UN 13,164051145813,164'San Juan126
UN 13,162 A051245913,162'San Juan121
UN 13,159051446113,159'San Juan84
Twilight Pk051546213,158'San Juan87
UN 13,158051646313,158'San Juan101
"Window Pk"051746413,157'San Juan111
"V 5"051846513,156'San Juan75
UN 13,155051946613,155'San Juan125
"Could Be"013,152'San Juan7
Montezuma Pk052447113,150'San Juan119
South River Pk052647313,148'San Juan52
UN 13,145 A052947613,145'San Juan72
Precipice Pk053047713,144'San Juan125
Twelve, Pk053648313,140'San Juan77
Emerson Mtn013,140'San Juan24
UN 13,140 B013,140'San Juan35
UN 13,140 C013,140'San Juan24
Hayden Mtn North053948613,139'San Juan67
Hunchback Mtn054148813,136'San Juan113
"S 9"054349013,134'San Juan49
UN 13,132054449113,132'San Juan84
Kennedy, Mt013,125'San Juan34
Boskoff Pk054849513,123'San Juan71
Spiller Pk013,123'San Juan43
Peters Pk055049713,122'San Juan49
UN 13,121055350013,121'San Juan35
Lizard Head055650313,113'San Juan1111
UN 13,111055850513,111'San Juan99
Cow BM055950613,111'San Juan67
UN 13,110056150813,110'San Juan52
UN 13,109056250913,109'San Juan105
Thunder Mtn A013,108'San Juan7
UN 13,106056451113,106'San Juan95
"Pk Twenty Two"056651313,105'San Juan41
UN 13,100 B056951613,100'San Juan67
"Baldy Lejos"057051713,100'San Juan81
"Corbett Pk"057151813,100'San Juan43
South Twilight Pk013,100'San Juan57
"Tomboy Pk"057352013,095'San Juan63
UN 13,093057452113,093'San Juan73
UN 13,091057552213,091'San Juan81
Spencer Pk013,087'San Juan131
"Pk Twenty One"013,085'San Juan15
Snowdon Pk058853513,077'San Juan2153
Florida Mtn013,076'San Juan42
UN 13,075058953613,075'San Juan90
North Twilight Pk059053713,075'San Juan119
Garfield B, Mt059253913,074'San Juan47
Blackwall Mtn059354013,073'San Juan93
Sheep Mtn D059554213,070'San Juan43
UN 13,069059754413,069'San Juan72
Kendall BM013,066'San Juan145
West Needle Mtn060054713,062'San Juan48
Centennial Pk013,062'San Juan82
UN 13,060 C013,060'San Juan18
UN 13,060 D013,060'San Juan13
Saint Sophia Ridge013,060'San Juan17
Silver Mesa013,060'San Juan25
Houghton Mtn060755413,052'San Juan102
UN 13,051060855513,051'San Juan73
Green Mtn A013,049'San Juan46
"South Snowdon"061155813,046'San Juan71
UN 13,042061255913,042'San Juan68
Wolcott Mtn013,041'San Juan9
United States Mtn013,036'San Juan9
UN 13,034061856513,034'San Juan69
Organ Mtn B062056713,032'San Juan46
UN 13,030013,030'San Juan1
"Unicorn, The"062457113,020'San Juan115
"S 10"062557213,020'San Juan48
UN 13,020 C013,020'San Juan37
"North Irving"013,020'San Juan116
UN 13,020 D013,020'San Juan54
Cuba BM013,019'San Juan33
UN 13,017062857513,017'San Juan69
UN 13,016062957613,016'San Juan65
UN 13,015063057713,015'San Juan64
Chief Mtn A063157813,014'San Juan52
Hope Mtn013,012'San Juan44
UN 13,010063358013,010'San Juan43
Ruffner Mtn013,003'San Juan24
Summits shown in gray do not have enough prominence to be a ranked peak. Those shown in "quotes" are not officially named by the USGS.