North Arapaho Peak  13,502'      
 South Arapaho Peak  13,397'      
 "Old Baldy"  13,038'      

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pic "Old Baldy"
July, 2009 - "Old Baldy" from the saddle connecting South Arapaho.

Added: 2010-01-07  By: harrise
pic North Arapaho Peak
July, 2009 - North Arapaho Peak seen from the south on the summit of "Old Baldy"

Added: 2010-01-07  By: harrise
pic South Arapaho Peak
July, 2009 - South Arapaho Peak seen while approaching the saddle with "Old Baldy"

Added: 2010-01-07  By: harrise
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pic "Old Baldy"
August 28, 2017 - Old Baldy, from the East

Added: 2017-08-28  By: FranklinFiles

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