Sangre de Cristo Range
Info and Peak List

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains run north and south along the east side of the Rio Grande Rift in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. In 1719 the Spanish explorer Antonio Valverde y Cosio named the Sangre de Cristo ("Blood of Christ") mountains after being impressed by the reddish hue of the snowy peaks at sunrise. The Pecos National Monument can be seen here, and the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness protects part of the range. The mountains extend southeast for about 250 mi (400 km) from south-central Colorado to north-central New Mexico. Many of the peaks exceed 14,000 ft (4,300 m); Blanca Peak is the highest.

The Sangre de Cristos are fault block mountains with major fault lines running along both the east and west sides of the mountains and, in places, cutting right through them. The mountains were pushed up about 27 million years ago, pretty much as one big chunk of rock. On the west side is the San Luis Valley with the Rio Grande Rift Zone running down the middle. On the southeast side is the Raton Basin with a quiet but still active volcanic field. On the northeast side are the Wet Mountains and the Front Range, areas of pre-Cambrian rock raised up during the Colorado Orogeny some 1.7 billion years ago. The Blanca Massif is also pre-Cambrian rock while the main body of the Sangres themselves is composed of Permian-Pennsylvanian rock, a mix of igneous intrusions, conglomerates and shale that is only about 250 million years old.

All peaks (13,000 feet and above) in the range sorted descending by elevation:

14,345 Blanca Peak
14,294 Crestone Peak
14,197 Crestone Needle
14,165 Kit Carson Peak
14,081 Challenger Point
14,064 Humboldt Peak
14,047 Culebra Peak
14,042 Ellingwood Point
14,042 Mt. Lindsey
14,037 Little Bear Peak

13,980 Unnamed Peak
13,980 Unnamed Peak
13,980 Unnamed Peak
13,931 Mt. Adams
13,908 Red Mountain A
13,849 California Peak
13,828 Unnamed Peak
13,799 Unnamed Peak
13,794 Rito Alto Peak
13,723 Vermejo Peak
13,705 Colony Baldy
13,676 Purgatoire Peak
13,660 Unnamed Peak
13,658 Hamilton Peak
13,626 West Spanish Peak
13,611 Pico Asilado
13,604 Tijeras Peak
13,598 Electric Peak
13,588 Cottonwood Peak
13,580 Twin Peaks
13,580 Unnamed Peak
13,577 Unnamed Peak
13,573 Broken Hand Peak
13,565 Unnamed Peak
13,555 Unnamed Peak
13,554 Fluted Peak
13,553 Gibbs Peak
13,546 Unnamed Peak
13,541 Unnamed Peak
13,524 Unnamed Peak
13,522 Milwaukee Peak
13,517 Trinchera Peak
13,517 Unnamed Peak
13,513 Unnamed Peak
13,507 Eureka Mountain
13,500 Iron Nipple
13,490 Mt. Marcy
13,490 Unnamed Peak
13,487 Cuatro Peak
13,468 Miranda Peak
13,466 Unnamed Peak
13,450 Horn Peak
13,423 Spread Eagle Peak
13,414 Cleveland Peak
13,405 Mariquita Peak
13,401 Unnamed Peak
13,384 Unnamed Peak
13,380 Music Mountain
13,375 Lakes Peak
13,362 De Anza Peak (1)
13,350 Hermit Peak
13,340 Mt. Herard
13,340 Mt. Owen
13,335 Mt. Maxwell
13,334 Venable Peak
13,333 De Anza Peak (2)
13,277 Comanche Peak
13,270 Unnamed Peak
13,266 Marble Mountain
13,244 Spring Mountain
13,229 Unnamed Peak
13,213 Thirsty Peak
13,205 Eagle Peak
13,203 Unnamed Peak
13,184 Beaubien Peak
13,153 Unnamed Peak
13,153 Unnamed Peak
13,143 Little Horn Peak
13,135 Francisco Peak
13,128 Lomo Liso Mountain
13,123 Unnamed Peak
13,122 Unnamed Peak
13,105 Bushnell Peak
13,100 Unnamed Peak
13,100 Unnamed Peak
13,081 Unnamed Peak
13,071 Hunts Peak
13,062 Unnamed Peak
13,060 Unnamed Peak
13,054 Unnamed Peak
13,050 Unnamed Peak
13,028 Unnamed Peak
13,020 Unnamed Peak
13,012 Twin Sisters

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