Grand Cherokee vs. Xterra

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Re: Grand Cherokee vs. Xterra

Postby pw » Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:31 am

I finally cashed in the old Ranger for an Xterra (S version) last spring and have been very happy. It's easy to drive, plenty of power, and if you drive at a moderate speed, gas mileage isn't bad, got 25 mpg for one tank that was all somewhat slow highway miles. One of my requirements was being able to sleep in the back, and it actually has slightly more room for me than the Ranger (I'm 6'1") you would never guess that by looking at one of those things from the outside, but folding down the seats and sliding the passenger seat forward creates quite a bit of room. There it is, kind of an appealing setting -

1-Xterra and Capitol Peak.JPG
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Re: Grand Cherokee vs. Xterra

Postby opticstalk » Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:46 pm

Well, as a recently retired head of a automobile rental company for 35+ years and the last 10 or so being heavy on SUV renting. I can tell you without doubt there is no brand above any other in quality/reliability.
Sure, to a degree you do get what you pay for but, generally any given company may have a slight advantage year to year.
I have dealt with every brand and countless vehicles of those brands. It is impossible for me to say which one is best mechanically/electrically/fit and finish, just go with the one YOU like.
What do I drive?
A 5 year old dodge 3500 maga cab w/Cummins - 25mpg - will last 300,000+ miles - built like a tank - can hold all the gear I have and then some - has great clearance/articulation for stock vehicle because of the strait axles.

I think too many blindly believe INTERNET consumer reports/reviews and magazines. After all ALL those so called services are sales advertisements whether they admit it or not. I don't blame them that's their job.

My job was to pick the best vehicles for the company's customers. There was only slightly better from year to year with no one brand name on them and equal lemons mixed in.


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