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Wear out the flatlanders. 2 proposed itineraries.

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Re: Wear out the flatlanders. 2 proposed itineraries.

Postby Jim Davies » Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:29 pm

I'd suggest a modification of your second plan: instead of San Luis, camp at the North Cottonwood TH and climb Harvard, then on the Shavano. Or even backpack to Horn Fork on day 2, climb Harvard the next day from there, and forget about crowding in another 14er. They'll probably enjoy it more. Or dayhike Harvard, switch camp to Winfield, and dayhike Huron (or reverse the order to get a shorter first hike). Remember, the best 14ers start with H. :) Besides, driving a few hundred extra miles will definitely wear them out.
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Re: Wear out the flatlanders. 2 proposed itineraries.

Postby DaveLanders » Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:34 pm

I would not recommend trying to camp at the Boulderfield for people who have just arrived from near
sea level. That is awfully high to sleep, even if people are able to day hike to 14k without issues.
Remember the adage for acclimating: "climb high, sleep low".

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Re: Wear out the flatlanders. 2 proposed itineraries.

Postby DeTour » Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:20 pm

As a fellow Flatlander I'd say that itinerary would pretty near kill me without Diamox. For my brother and me, Diamox is absolutely required to enjoy a short trip like that. Even with, Diamox fends off the nausea etc. but it takes another day or two to gain real climbing strength at altitude.

What about the Sangres? Not as far as San Louis, prettier peaks I think (haven't done SL) and great camping. We've done this type of thing successfully:
> Day one - fly in, drive to Westcliffe, sleep at whatever it is, 8500' or so.
> Day two - hike to S.Colony Lakes, camp at tree line, what around 11,000 I think (you can look it up if it sounds good to you :) )
> Day three - if your friends are ambitious, Peak or Needle; if that's a bit much, Humboldt, with awesome views of the other Sangres peaks. Break camp, hike out.
> Day four - fly home :(

Or, hike straight to S.Colony Lakes on Day one, and have two days for peaks - Humboldt "warmup" on day two, and Peak or Needle on day three. No, not both Peak and Needle, don't even think about it!

We've enjoyed camping right at tree line a number of times. Boulder Field, wonderful as it is, seems a little too high and barren to enjoy camp unless you're really broken into that sort of thing. Seems like every account of it I've read, the campers got virtually no sleep due to wind and extreme conditions.

Slightly longer drive can do the same general itinerary at Willow Lake with Challenger/KC, or Lindsey. I think your input helped our group plan a high camp for Lindsey. We loved that - I would definitely put it in the "middle-of-nowhere" category.
when you come to a fork in the road, take it.

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Re: Wear out the flatlanders. 2 proposed itineraries.

Postby joshbrink » Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:04 am

I am a flatlander from Michigan and come out once a year,ussually early fall. Some things I did last year that worked very well... Got off the plane and headed straight for loveland pass and hiked up MT Sniktau. I went down, picked up supplies and headed for the first TH on my visit and slept the night at about 9000'. I had no issues with altitude last year and climed every day for 6 days summitting multiple 14ers and never going below 9-10k.
I think as long as flatlanders train properly, stay hydrated and eat enough good quality food they should be fine. Also,, there is a fairly new study that came out a year or two ago about ibuprofen for altitude sickness prevention. 600mg every 4-6 hours had very similiar if not the same affects of diamox,,, without side affects. Worked for me.
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Re: Wear out the flatlanders. 2 proposed itineraries.

Postby MtnHub » Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:35 am

I could never do Longs too many times, and I think if they really had their sights set for doing that gem, go ahead with it. But I do like the suggestion of the Crestones if you are planning to camp. You have a lot more options available for you depending on how your buddies are feeling and what they're up for, and it is simply a fabulously scenic place to be.

The Mummy/Fairchild/Hagues suggestion is also a good one. Great place to camp at Lawn Lake (the best flower display I ever encountered was just above the Lake) and again gives you a few options to choose from.

joshbrink wrote:Also,, there is a fairly new study that came out a year or two ago about ibuprofen for altitude sickness prevention. 600mg every 4-6 hours had very similiar if not the same affects of diamox,,, without side affects. Worked for me.

I've never taken Diamox but generally the altitude doesn't bother me much. I haven't heard about this study on Ibuprofen, but I have always taken it mainly to decrease inflammation of my joints and have had good luck with it.

Have fun! :-D

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Re: Wear out the flatlanders. 2 proposed itineraries.

Postby tockelstein2005 » Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:48 pm

For what it's worth...I flew into Denver from St. Louis and drove straight to Georgetown and up Guanella pass to camp at about 10,300'. Early next morning I summited Bierstadt. Felt pretty good but on the way down I developed a bad headache so I drove back down to Georgetown for some grub and felt pretty crappy for a couple hours. After some rest I felt better. Camped again at the same place then got up next morning to drive over to Grays TH where I summited Grays and camped at the summer TH, Next morning I summited Torreys and broke camp having no more troubles with the altitude or exersion of the 2nd and 3rd climbs.

Early on, I pushed it a little too much, obviously, but it gave me a good idea of my capabilities and how to plan these trips better in the future. Btw, I'm 39 and in good health and fitness, so younger and fitter folks might fare better.
Mountains are not fair or unfair - they are just dangerous. -Reinhold Messner

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Re: Wear out the flatlanders. 2 proposed itineraries.

Postby Skip Perkins » Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:52 pm

How about a trip to Lake City and then climb Wetterhorn on your first day and do Sunshine and Redcloud on the second? You'd get a class three and a double plus some hot springs in the area.
Perseverance - The courage to ignore the obvious wisdom of turning back.

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Re: Wear out the flatlanders. 2 proposed itineraries.

Postby Cruiser » Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:20 am

I thought I'd throw out a quick update on our plans since this trip is right around the corner. I think this itinerary sounds like a heck of a good time. If all goes according to plan then these guys could get 4 different 14er summits and 5 breweries in a 5 day trip. Anyone have any suggestions on best places to car camp on the 390 road? Rafting companies (I've used River Runners and Clear Creek in the past with good success)? Any other suggestions for adjustments to the itinerary since nothing, other than their flights dates and times, is set in stone?

Day 1: Pick up the crew at DIA in the morning then head west. Hit the grocery and liquor store on the way out of town. Drive up 70 through Breck and Leadville with lunch at Breckenridge Brewery. Set up camp someplace along the 390 road near the Missouri Gulch TH and turn in early.

Day 2: Get up very early and hike up Belford and then traverse to Oxford. Head over to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs for some R&R in the afternoon/evening. Back to camp for another early night.

Day 3: Pack up camp and then head south for a half day raft trip on the Arkansas. I know that the water will be relatively low in early August but something like the numbers should still be a good time for everyone. Drive to Shavano TH and set up camp.

Day 4: Get up very early and hike Shavano and then traverse over to Tabeguache if the crew is up to it. Celebratory beers at Elevation Brewing in Poncha Springs.

Day 5: Leisurely morning breaking camp and then head back in the direction of DIA with a couple of brewery stops along the way. Thinking of hitting Eddyline, Tommyknocker, and maybe Backcountry but I'm open to other suggestions if you've got 'em.
Where ever you are... There you are.

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Re: Wear out the flatlanders. 2 proposed itineraries.

Postby Dark Helmet » Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:18 am

that's pretty brutal... the raft trip strikes me as fool-hardy. a true recovery day would seem far more wise in there.

also.. I know I'm going to get skewered, but booze is the LAST thing I'd bring on that trip... it'll lengthen your recovery times and really trash you at altitude.


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