Trail shoe recommendation

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Re: Trail shoe recommendation

Postby nicholasblee » Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:46 pm

I to like Montrails (I was the one that suggested the Vasques too). I've run in both Montrails and Vasques and love them both. My only complaint was that the Montrails didn't last nearly as long as the Vasques seem to.

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Re: Trail shoe recommendation

Postby Jakomait » Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:51 pm

England wrote:5.10 Camp 4, hands down!

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Re: Trail shoe recommendation

Postby SouthernFried » Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:34 am

wheresgibbs wrote:I have a pair of Vasque Velocity GTX and while I don't use them for trailing running, they are my go to for backpacking and hiking when it's going to be cold and wet. I find them a bit too clunky for running, but the wide fit is perfect for my feet.

For running, have you tried any Montrails? They make a variety of styles and cuts and really offer a range of protection levels from more agressive hiking style shoes to light weight racing flat type trail runners.

Edit: If you're going to be doing more hiking than running I recommend the Velocity or the Montrail AT, both of these are available in GTX models, although the Montrail AT GTX may no longer be made and has probably been replaced by a differently named model. Either way, I have been very happy with my Montrails and Vasques living in VA, MS and CO.

Sweet, thanks for the info! I'm actually going to use them for hiking and not trail running so I think the Vasque's will work perfectly. Of the brands I tried on, the fit of the Vasque's was the best. Now I gotta find the best deal!


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