easy 14er for visitor on 12/7

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Re: easy 14er for visitor on 12/7

Postby jdorje » Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:52 pm

Scott P wrote:I don't think that there are any.

Easy 14ers in december? I agree. Even without snow, cold is a formidable obstacle.
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Re: easy 14er for visitor on 12/7

Postby jswiftcervelo » Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:12 pm

You guys still going?

Just make sure you're really prepared and know what you're getting into (look at the wind forecast).

Quoting your original gear list:

"2 layers of wool socks, waterproof hiking shoes, gaiters
thermals, fleece pants, water resistant hiking pants
fleece jacket, wind breaker, snow jacket
balaclava, thermal beanie, 2 gloves
micro spikes, hiking poles"

I have a few problems (and overkill NEVER ends up hurting you in an emergency - I avoided an emergency based on overkill)
I'll stick to a couple things... Carry those little hand warmers (a LOT of them - maybe 12) - they aren't perfect but they will work and you can end up SERIOUSLY needing them.
Second 3 layers is not a lot if things go crazy. 40mph winds at 14k with no real escape is a b***h. I go with a base (i.e. under armour), breathable short sleeve, breathable thick long sleeve, primaloft jacket, soft shell, hard shell. Only used it once and it was worth it.
Winter only :) Cycling only March-late October... Mountaineering = awesome cross-training

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Re: easy 14er for visitor on 12/7

Postby sheller » Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:31 am

Thanks for all of the advice. We ended up going up Bierstadt. It was pretty windy, but I stayed warm with my 3-4 layers. It probably wasn't the best first 14er for my friend, but he made it to the top and definitely had an experience. I promised him it would be easier in the summer. I was surprised at how quickly it became dark and would not want to be doing a 14er in the winter that required any routefinding.


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