Does anyone else ever feel like this?

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Re: Does anyone else ever feel like this?

Postby ajkagy » Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:06 pm

zephyr_pelicante wrote:In my case I'm a graduating senior so there are theoretically a ton of options I could have, but here in the next couple weeks I fully intend to "satisfice" and pick a small private engineering firm in Golden over the big name "what if" offers I've received.

Jobs and the corporate world are overrated. Make sure you relish your time in school before you hit the "real" world. I did the cube thing for awhile then got a taste of freedom and the good would be really hard to go back now.

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Re: Does anyone else ever feel like this?

Postby YouAndWhatGendarme » Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:06 pm

In my early 20s, as a college dropout who ate most of his meals from random bits assembled from the 99 cent store, I jumped at the chance to launch head-first into the corporate world to be "a success". I worked my way up in the IT world from printer jockey to eventually become an absurdly overpaid Systems Architect for the TV/film industry. It came at a steep price though and I found myself at 27 in the middle of a complete nervous breakdown, divorced and addicted to the anti-anxiety drugs I had been prescribed.

I realized I had made a mistake and needed to reinvent myself. So I packed up the things that could fit in the back of my car (mostly my backpacking / climbing gear), swore off the corporate world, moved back home to CO, and slept on my bouldering pad in a rented room for six months while I got my S*&^ together. I ended up getting a retail job and things started improving steadily.

After about a year and a half, I found myself in a conundrum; I was offered a job back in the corporate world I swore I'd never go back to, only this time it was for a small-ish outdoor brand. And I took it. It was the best decision I had made in years.

Yeah, I work in a cubicle in an office. Only this time it's for a company whose culture I can fully embrace and who understands work-life balance (and graciously looks the other way when I decide to take off on Friday to go hike and climb and play, I mean... "test gear", in the mountains I love so much). Sure there's stress, sure there's bureaucracy, I'm not pulling in six-figures like I used to and I still have to live modestly and pay my dues - but the balance is there and it turns out that THAT is what I was missing all along.

And I'm a much happier and better person because of it.
Punish your body to perfect your soul. - Mark Twight


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