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Close calls of a different kind

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Re: Close calls of a different kind

Postby MN teleMARKer » Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:17 pm

My climbing partner and I were driving back to Fort Collins after climbing North Maroon when we ran into stop-and-go traffic just north of Denver on I-25. We came to a complete stop in the left lane. When traffic started moving again, his truck died. At first it didn't seem like a big deal. However, it didn't take long before traffic was moving past us at 70 miles per hour. His truck would not start and we were stuck in the "fast" lane. Those cars and trucks that came up behind us (in our lane) started passing us on the (left) shoulder, so we had cars passing us on both sides. We were just waiting to get nailed from behind.

Our life safer ended up being a couple of city dump trucks. In the mirrors, we watched them come up on us. At first, I thought one of them was going to take us out. But they stopped in time. They were able to protect us and the shoulder until a tow truck came. Kudos to the city for stopping and offering their support.

Scariest minutes of my life. ...and they weren't on the mountain. They were returning from the mountains.

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Re: Close calls of a different kind

Postby Hungry Jack » Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:16 am

Years ago in January, I was driving east on I-70 just east of Glenwood Canyon around 6pm. At 70 mph, I missed by maybe a foot a HUGE elk that had wandered into an area bewteen the two eastbound lanes.

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Re: Close calls of a different kind

Postby ThuChad » Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:48 am

Hungry Jack wrote:Years ago in January, I was driving east on I-70 just east of Glenwood Canyon around 6pm. At 70 mph, I missed by maybe a foot a HUGE elk that had wandered into an area between the two eastbound lanes.

My experience with deer and elk is they always look bigger when you're about to hit them or shoot them. Odd how that works.

When I was 18, me and 3 of my friends drove from OKC to Steamboat. We were in my dad's lifted F350 with 35 inch tires. My buddy was driving and didn't realize he was on an icy patch when the truck downshifted going uphill. The truck started fish tailing pretty bad as he kept over-correcting. As I was yelling at him to quit over-steering we slid sideways into the oncoming lane but luckily it was clear. As we came to a stop he looked at me like I was going to come unglued and take over driving. I didn't because I thought it would be more punishment to make him continue driving while he was trembling violently. We made it safely to Steamboat and all was well.
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Re: Close calls of a different kind

Postby Randy » Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:12 pm

farcedude wrote:
Randy wrote:...withdrew my Glock...

I have a pistol, but haven't really ever felt comfortable carrying it normally. What's your experience with that been? I know it was obviously a plus in this situation.

First off, I have a carry permit, secondly I keep my gun in my pack and would never carry it out in the open, but thats my choice. I just like having it with me in case the need arises. I solo alot and spend time way out there as alot of you do. My thought is I want something to count on just in case, Im not big and last time I checked Im not chuck norris either. Another reason I carry is wildlife. I was stalked by a lion for over 20 minutes, I could see him the whole time, would I want to shoot one? hell no I love them, but 2 shots in the air and that sucker was gone, had he not left, all bets are off.


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