New - "Personal Peak Checklist" Pages

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New - "Personal Peak Checklist" Pages

Postby BillMiddlebrook » Tue May 03, 2005 6:11 pm

You can now add your 14er checklist (peaks summited) to the site. Other forum users will be able to view your list by selecting your profile from the forum MEMBERLIST and clicking a new link on your profile page. To add/update your peak list, click on this link:

Add / Update your 14er checklist
Current list of personal peak lists
Sample peak list

- Only registered forum users can enter personal peak lists.
- An "Add/Update 14er Checklist" link has also been added to the PROFILE page so you can update your list through your profile.
- You can view another forum users list by going into MEMBERLIST, selecting the user, and clicking on the new link located under "Interests" on the profile page.
- If you have any problems, questions, or feedback on the personal checklist pages, please post an entry in this thread.

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