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Re: What are YOU looking at?

Postby Dex » Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:31 am

Jack wrote:haha. That's pretty cool bill. Looks like we've got a lot of really diligent workers on this site, considering the highest volume times are middle of the day (2 or 3) on workdays. Interesting that weekend have by far the least individual viewer hits. I am definitely contributing my fair to those work hours though :) Keep it up people, no time to be on over the weekends if you're out climbing! Later.

I started working in a large corp. office just as photocopies were being introduced - leases charged by the page!

While there have been some production increases - elimination of secretaries for typing, phone messages, filing etc. I really wonder what productivity would be if workers were not hooked up to the www; no office cell phone usage, no office texting; no blackberries - 10% - 15% staff reduction?.

I retired 3 years ago from a senior level mgmt level. Here's some suggestions if you are still working - when meeting with with others of any level
cell phone - don't look at it or answer
blackberry - don't use
computer - don't use
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