trailhead road pics

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trailhead road pics

Postby paul109876 » Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:52 am

It would be nice to add some pictures of these trailhead access roads, at least the bad sections. What may be bad to me may be a cake walk to others who live in the area or have more experience.
Maybe even have some of the colored lines drawn in the picture to show whow you drove through the "BAD" sections.

I know the roads are ever changing due to weather and such but when planning my trips I look at the most recent photos on the trip reports to get a good idea as to what I'm getting into. I know my last trip in late June the range for my pucker value changed dramatically after driving on the shelf road along the side of Sunshine.

I made an attempt to drive up the road to Grays/ Torreys but there were vehicles parked along side of the road and when I got to the "BAD" section I was losing traction and did not want to slide into someone's car so I backed off but after reading trip reports after my return home folks were driving up in Civics and such and I had a jeep Compass 4WD.

Pics and paths would help greatly!!!!!!!
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Re: trailhead road pics

Postby Aubrey » Wed Sep 17, 2008 2:45 pm

Paul, there are some pics on the Trailheads pages ( ), though, like you, I wish there were more. However, in my experience, it's really hard to get a sense of 4x4 roads from photos. And, like you mentioned, everyone’s perception is different and very subjective. I’ve found that words work better when describing how easy or tough a 4x4 road is.

Since you mentioned the Stevens Gulch Road, here’s an example of what I mean (IMO, the photo makes the “rut” look a little easier than it is):


That said, I still think photos help, especially when combined with text.

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