The cure for Frozen water?

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Re: The cure for Frozen water?

Postby aussie56 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:14 pm

I found out the hard way on Kilimanjaro last month. I invested in the Deuter system which is a zippered hose insulator and a bladder cover with the reflector stuff inside - $40x2. Unfortunately my mouthpiece froze up half way to Stella Point and i had to buddy drink with my son. And his froze up on the way down when it was much warmer. We got by but it was very disappointing. His better luck was probably because he did NOT blow back into the tube. I did and i am thinking that all this does is create a much thinner layer of water in the valve area and promotes quicker freezing. Should have kept the thing inside my clothes I suppose. But clear thinking at 18000 feet is not a given (I was hallucinating dining tents at one point!). From now on the insulated bottle will be my way - you can always refill it from a bladder.

Re: The cure for Frozen water?

Postby dannyg23 » Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:35 pm

smoove wrote:
dannyg23 wrote:
colokeith wrote:I use this waterbottle parka with a 1L nalgine. It attaches to the waist strap on my pack. Easy access to fluids without removing my pack, and it hasn't frozen on me yet.

That's pretty cool right there. My biggest beef with the Nalgene approach has been access which is admittedly more of an issue with my pack, but I like this idea.

I've found that if you clip one of those to your pack/waist belt, whatever, with a biner, it's easier to just unclip and clip the whole thing rather than awkwardly fumbling with the zipper/pulling the bottle out, putting in back in, while it's attached to your pack.

I picked up one of those OR Parka's on craigslist and tested it out a few weeks back and that's the cure if you ask me, I've abandoned the camelback vest thing. I want to test throwing a handwarmer inside and seeing if it can melt snow - that would be sweet.


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