Sending a SPOT "911" PLEASE READ

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Re: Sending a SPOT "911" PLEASE READ

Postby Rock-a-Fella » Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:13 pm

Nice discussion topic. Thanks Britt!

I guess it all comes down to "Expectations". What is your vision of "how" the "Emergent Notification System / Process" is to work for you. To begin at the end, I have had 3 different generations of SPOT units, a Sat Phone and an InReach. InReach is my "Go to" everyday use communicator. It uses a different orbiting satellite system that SPOT.

I guess there is no "bad unit" and it comes down to understanding how each of them works or doesn't work and making sure of you own the one that best fits your goals.

Specific to rescue or rescue prep. I turn ALL units on at the car so the they can acquire a signal, location and be primed for activation if needed. What I like best about in reach in the two way text function and the message "delivery" notification. This forum is riddled with members who didn't know if their spots were working or not. "Did a signal go out?" When you activate the SOS of and InReach after Geos establishes where you are by jurisdiction they notify the sheriff's office of the rescue area. They then send a text message to the InReach asking "What is the nature of your emergency" In the absence of a reply SAR team respond with rescue gear for the location. There was a fatality at Windom where the activated InReach was able to reply (at 11pm at night) that the subject had not made it allowing them to respond at first light.

One of the "BEST" things ALL PLB owners can do is to set up your profiles (this is the information as to who the owner of the unit is) with who your are, skill levels, risk tolerances, experience level, allergies, blood type etc. My profile includes all of my outdoor affiliations with the hopes that when Geos, the sheriff and the SAR team leader done reading that the notion is: "that I have exhausted all self evac option or the the situation is emergent."

Please do not falsify your background. That said this information is important is trying to figure out who is out there and what might be going on. There was a SPOT activation
at 2am. The owner profile was a "Solid, Experienced, BC Traveler", we sent a hasty team to the location within an hour and the activation was for another party that was gravely ill. The members stabilized the subject and the team came is at first light for the extrication.

Before I forget please don't forget the "TEXT Message". It takes 1/6th the signal strength to send a text as a voice call. Generation 4 enhanced 911 will soon have a data option. To "TEXT" to 911. Stay tuned.

Gen 1 SPOT units: please replace them! We replace ropes, cams, ice axes, crampons and other safety related equipment due to age, wear and tear, effectiveness.

These units require too many modification to use IMHO. Removing batteries, storage in boxes, duct tape....
Ask yourself "What are the consequences of failure?" Gen 2 or SPOT Connect do not seem to have the same problems. Just sayin'
As stated earlier, if you activate your PLB and you are moving, one of the first considerations is "accidental activation" the party is still hiking.


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