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Re: leki trekking pole advice...

Postby lafutura » Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:56 pm

edhaman wrote:Take your poles to the gear rental department at REI. They cleaned out my Leki poles and the twist locks work fine now. You can also try taking the poles apart and screwing in the lock devices slightly. That will spread them apart a little so they grab better. (It's hard - so to speak - to keep this thread from turning sexual!)

ha ha! unfortunately i can say that i have already been doing these adjustments on my own. i had contacted leki about the problem (this was when the poles had only been used a handful of times) and they told me how to "fix" the issue. i put the word fix in quotes as it would only work if i didn't encounter much colder weather. makes sense in a way that they would fail with that change in temperature because the plastic that is inside is likely to become less pliable. i can't say i'm thrilled with the idea of taking off my gloves on the mountainside and making all sorts of adjustments based on temperature changes.

@crestone14ers - impressed that leki provided that service to you. they were less accommodating with me when i first reported the issues i was encountering. also nice to know that there are people out there that have had nothing but success with their poles.


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