Sea To Summit Ultra Sil Dry Sacks

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Sea To Summit Ultra Sil Dry Sacks

Postby steanson » Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:47 pm

Scour your Walmart's "camping" section for OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Ultimate Dry Sacks. Here's what I found...these are the same as the Sea To Summit sacks, but instead of costing $11.00 (2L), $14.00 (4L), and $16.00 (8L), they sell the set of 3 for a mere $9.00. I don't know if they sold their product to S to S, because they are nearly impossible to find anywhere else, and their website really makes no mention of them. I have 2 sets, and have no reason to be greedy, so I felt I should share this with SOMEONE!

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