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Re: Dog Found: Mt. Bierstadt! - MISSY GIRL help ger her home

Postby 21kmiller » Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:58 am

While I understand everyones concern on here about Missy and her owner, Anthony being irrisponsible... it is also understandable of the decision he had to make. No normal person would just leave their dog without trying everything they could in that particular moment, under those circumstances and mental state. I have known Anthony for many many years and he is not one to just give up without trying. I know that he feels horrible for what happened and probably will for a long time but also I know that becuase this happened he has learned a tremendous amount about the 14er experiences with dogs, as I mentioned in another post it wasnt his first time, it just turned out to be a really crappy, dangerous trip that unfortunately led to this. I am so grateful for the hikers that found her and I really would just love to see Missy re-united with Anthony! Can we help get them back together... she needs her human and Anthony is definitely her human!! Despite the situation the love between a dog and human is purely unconditional and I can tell you first hand Anthony did try everything he could under the mental state he was in and he has been feeling nothing but guilt since, now is feeling purely humbled and grateful that she is alive! It truly is a miracle!! Lets continue the miracle to a purely happy ending and re-uniting Missy with Anthony!! Please and thank you!! =)

To answer some questions everyone has... Anthony is 29, and from what I understand the storm and rocky terrain was not super dog friendly, after all of them falling a few times and getting hurt it was just one of those crappy situations that at the time he felt he needed to make a decsion. Yes Anthony had blisters but not just normal blisters, his body was not in good shape mentally and physically from the storm and overall hike, him and his friend could barely walk down the mountain and they did take turns carrying her over their shoulders and lower her down with rope... I know they tried everything they could in that sitation. I understand that many of you think it was just a quick decision for him to leave Missy... I can tell you that Anthony would NOT just leave her without trying everything he could while being hurt and trying to survive himself and his friend. Yes it was a mistake to not post flyers or try to reach out a little more but being fairly new to the 14er thing I think many can agree that it was simply a bad trip and hike that made a turn for the worse. I am a huge dog lover as well and was heart broken when I found about what happened, Missy has been a huge part of my life as well as Anthony's and his little girl. I hope that we can all understand the situation both ways in that certain things were a mistake and certain things that happened were simply survival mode kicking in and last minute judgement calls for himself to stay alive. I am pleading with everyone on here to try and understand this was not something he blatenly did, Anthony is just not that kind of person! I am pleading to help get Missy back to her home with her family!! While dogs may re-adjust to new surroundings.... it still is not the same as their original home! Having Missy alive and Anthony not being able to get her back is more heart renching than anything I can imagine. Please Please take this into consideration and help me get Missy back home!!
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Re: Dog Found: Mt. Bierstadt! Help get her home!

Postby MattK » Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:59 am

21kmiller wrote:With her loving caring owner, Anthony!

Yea one that was so caring that they left their dog to die. Jezzuz you even admitted that you thought she would live for a few days. Why not do something about it in those few days? Pathetic.

Oh boo hoo...blisters. Goodness and the dog was laying there bloody, tired, injured, scared, hungry, thirsty....alone....but my blisters!!! Man at first I was a bit sympathetic to the owner's plight, but stewing on it this morning, no way do you deserve this beautiful dog. You'd already given up on her and therefore have come to terms with not having her in your life, so therefore you shouldn't. It sounds like there are some people involved in the rescue that may want her. They deserve her and she deserves them.

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Re: Dog Found: Mt. Bierstadt!

Postby lpyle » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:09 am

aortolani14 wrote: I checked the forums here to see if there was any news and I Googled "Dog found on Bierstadt" for a few days after, but I didn't see anything. I wish I would've posted something. Now I am just glad someone else did.

If you had googled "Dog found on Bierstadt" this past Sunday, you would have found this thread. But apparently you had moved on to other things.

I think the bottom line is that the right course of action here is whatever is the right thing for Missy. She deserves an owner and family who will not give up on her so easily.
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Re: Dog Found: Mt. Bierstadt!

Postby LuLuLuv » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:10 am

What I don't understand is why Anthony just joined this website today. He obviously knew about it because he claimed to have checked the forum. Why did he not post that Missy was missing? With a great community such as this, he could have gotten help for her immediately. Remember Dexter? His owner posted early that evening and there was a team up there the next day looking for him. It has been OVER A WEEK since he left her up there and he just joins today?? I don't get it at all!!

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Re: Dog Found: Mt. Bierstadt!

Postby BillMiddlebrook » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:11 am

I urge everyone to focus on the good part of this story - this sweet dog was saved by very caring people. The owner has to live with his mistakes and I don't think piling on will make the situation any better.

I hope this thread will serve as a reminder to those thinking of bringing a dog on anything more than a walk-up: You should be able to carry down anything you bring up the mountain.

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Re: Dog Found: Mt. Bierstadt!

Postby NinjaKatie » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:11 am

I have only hiked one 14ner and it took two attempts to make it. It was brutal for an inexperienced hiker. I really don't have the experience to have the honor of posting here, based on my background. But, I will post, regardless. I sent a tip into 9News about the story. I felt, if the dog couldn't be rescued yesterday, at least they might be able to help wake up the organizations who could help. I also hoped it would help the owner, to have the opportunity to know his/her dog was still alive and others were taking on the responsibility of saving her. Initially, I could not find any information about this dog, but knew of her plight from the talking "bacon" dog, Clark G. Griswald. I'm a dog lover and a fan of his on Facebook. If SO many other people could figure out a way to make it public that your dog was stuck and injured on a mountain, why didn't you? I have two dogs and I would never leave my dogs. I know how crowded these hikes can be, one poster said he saw you. Did you not think to ask others to help while you were still with your dog? Others certainly stopped to help an abondoned dog, why would they not risk helping when they were on the mountain and you were still there to tell them your story? It's easy for us to say what we would have done if we were in your situation, but it's difficult to understand your lack of fortitude in rescuing the dog you LOVE so much, when she was right where you left her, waiting for YOU to return. I also know, your dog is very confused and scared and most certainly would, want you to come get her and take her home. I'm torn here. There were people who didn't raise your sweet dog from a puppy, who gave up a day in their lives, risked their own well being to rescue a dog without a name. You have friends coming on here and sticking up for you, could your friends not find friends to help get your dog out? I had four friends offer to go help and we all probably would have died trying to get your dog out, but we would have TRIED. Missy, most certainly, wants you to come get her. I'm still not certain that would be the best thing for her. All her rescuers deserve to be the deciding factor in whether or not you're worthy of a return of such love and devotion.

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Re: Dog Found: Mt. Bierstadt!

Postby Dave B » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:14 am

An acceptable excuse for leaving a dog without food or shelter at 13+ thousand feet on a ridgeline in the Colorado mountains has not been offered by the dogs owner nor his friends.

Some people do not deserve the responsibility of dog ownership.

Those who made the effort to go find Missy should have more say in the future of the dog's life than the person who paid for her but is unwilling to sacrifice comfort to protect her.
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Re: Dog Found: Mt. Bierstadt! - MISSY GIRL help ger her home

Postby SolarAlex » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:15 am

yeah it really sounds like he exhausted all his options.

his feet were so blistered for 8 days he couldnt go look? give me a break. no posters, no signs at the trailhead? i guess guanella pass is over 40 miles from denver and driving with blisters is just too painful. printing signs would have been too much work, not too mention the cost of ink. even posting on 14ers was too much work.

now he wants to swoop in and take his dog back, after doing precisely nothing to get her off the mountain. he should know that yesterday would have been his dogs last day on this earth, she wouldnt have survived the snow wind and cold yesterday.
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Re: Dog Found: Mt. Bierstadt!

Postby AndYouSeeMe » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:18 am


You seem to be conveniently leaving out the explanation as to why Anthony left the dog up there for over a week, left for dead. I have had some bad blisters but wow, those things must have been huge for them to affect his mental state as well.

I pray Missy stays with one of the rescuers and that we all get to meet her at the Fall Gathering. I do not wish for Anthony to get into any legal trouble here, the lesson has been learned, but he does not deserve to get that dog back.

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Re: Dog Found: Mt. Bierstadt!

Postby evepin » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:21 am

Missy might have been injured, lost and hungry, but one of the reasons she stayed on the boulder field was she waiting for her owner to return for her.
Recently I saw a story of a lost dog that found her way back to the trailhead where her owners had parked before the hike. Several people tried to corner her,
but she wouldn't come close. Other hikers left food and water for her. A week later her owners returned to the trailhead and found her waiting there patiently.
Dogs have a faith and loyalty that cannot be matched anywhere on earth, which makes Missy's story even more heartbreaking. She would have waited there
for her owner to return until her last breath. As someone posted, he had already moved on with his life - while she was still waiting for him to come find her. She deserves someone who would go back to find her and bring her home safely.

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Re: Dog Found: Mt. Bierstadt!

Postby 21kmiller » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:23 am

It is amazing to see everyones view point on this topic! Some are very angry and and some are very understanding... While I understand both sides of the issue, I think its eady for people to say that "he just left her" when they themselves were not in that particular sitaution to even have to make a decision like that. I have mentioned that I have known Anthony for a very long time and I know that he would not just leave her without trying, yes he may have posted pictures or tried other avenues but just becuase he didnt doesnt mean that he is not a good owner, it simply means he just didnt think of that after the failed attempts of trying to contact search and rescue for help and browing news sites everyday to see if someone found her. Anthony has come forward admitting the faults in the situation dont you think we has humans can forgive, understand and respect that he has come foward?! I can guarentee that Anthony will think twice about taking her on another 14er simply because of this sitation, we live and learn as humans and we all make mistakes at least he is able to admit the wrong and try to get his sweet Missy Girl Back... I can help in any way possible and will validate anything I have said here as well as in person if need be, I have left my phone number for anyone who wants to help me re-unite Missy with Anthony and her family... I am pleading wtih everyone here to please try and put yourself in that situation, from the outside looking in and know in your heart that Anthony would NOT just leave her unless it was a life or death situationf or himself... I am able and willing to do whatever it takes to get these 2 re-united I can help validate his ownership from the number of years spent together as well as additional paperwork if needed. Please from one dog owner to antoher lets get these 2 back together! 303-501-6113 - Kristen

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Re: Dog Found: Mt. Bierstadt!

Postby Navigaiter » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:27 am

It truly is a miracle!! Lets continue the miracle to a purely happy ending and re-uniting Missy with Anthony!! Please and thank you!! =)

21kmiller, you calling this a miracle completely degrades the accomplishments of several human beings who used their own judgement and physical ability to bring Missy back. The only miracle we can hope for in this is that Missy is allowed to stay with a more caring human.


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