Yankee Boy Basin TH Bear Activity

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Yankee Boy Basin TH Bear Activity

Postby nyker » Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:37 am

Just as an FYI, If anyone is planning on camping along the road before the high Trailhead in Yankee Boy Basin, be aware that I saw a set of fresh black bear tracks along the road yesterday morning. So, at least one bruin is in the area and you should make sure no food is in your tent, car, etc.

Having a bear nearby shouldn't be any surprise to anyone since that whole area is great bear country and you should consider yourself fortunate if you can safely see one; but I'd hate to hear of either (i) a bear having to be killed because it stuck its head in a tent and/or scratched someone or (ii) someone getting injured by a bear accustomed to eating Clif bars and MREs similar to what we saw at Lake Como in recent years.

So just practice good "Bear Aware" skills :)

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