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Re: Trailhead & camping etiquette

Postby FireOnTheMountain » Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:41 am

dswink wrote:Good example of strong disagreement, but with reasonable respect for other posted opinions. What's up with the really harsh posts filled with profanity lately?

I agree with you, theres just nothing more that irritates me than trash I find in the outdoors hence my profanity.
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Re: Trailhead & camping etiquette

Postby scalba123 » Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:51 am

Since I am that person who arrives at the trailhead at 400am to start their hike, I try to be respectful of those who may be sleeping in the vincinity. However there are times where I have had my moments of stupidity. So I want to apologize for those sins of my past...

...and for the ones in the future.

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Re: Trailhead & camping etiquette

Postby Dex » Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:59 am

awilbur77 wrote:After a truly annoying experience at a overly packed Holy Cross trail-head,

These rules are similar as to recent thread on Trip Reports and not speculating on a climbing/hiking accident. It is the internet - you can't control it - you can only control your actions.

Ear plugs and/or parking somewhere else for sleep and then driving to the trail head might help.

It is a trail head parking lot for cars. It isn't called a rest or sleeping area.

When I start out early and there are other cars in the parking lot - I try to be as quiet as possible - don't slam the door. But, there is a beep when I turn on my car alarm and my headlights will be on until I can see that I won't hit anything.


One thing you should also be aware of when you park is being able to get out of the parking lot. I've seen cars that looked like they were boxed in by other cars. Hopefully, they were friends and planned it that way.
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Re: Trailhead & camping etiquette

Postby jblyth » Mon Aug 06, 2012 11:05 am

jasayrevt wrote:
dswink wrote:What's up with the really harsh posts filled with profanity lately?

Never a bad thing to lighten up a little in life. Just enjoy yourself out there, be positive, and disregard the occasional disrespectful folks you encounter. The adventure is what you make of it...seemed like some serious anger in the initial post. As it's been said....the awesome, respectful, and mindful individuals far outweigh the occasional problem child on these mountains in my experiences.

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Re: Trailhead & camping etiquette

Postby DaveSwink » Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:06 pm

[quote="FireOnTheMountain"]I agree with you, theres just nothing more that irritates me than trash I find in the outdoors hence my profanity.[/quote]

I wasn't referring to your post, oh firey bear. :D I hate seeing trash on the trails too. I was just applauding rockpile's ability to express a strong opinion without including personal insults to other posters.

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Re: Trailhead & camping etiquette

Postby MtnClimber82 » Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:42 pm

I haven't read through all 4 pages of this thread so I apologize if this has already been hashed. However, as a common TH sleeper in the bed of my pickup I face this trouble often. I never, or at least to try not to, expect people to change their actions and as it has been said, rude people will be rude, no matter what we write here. So with that, I modify my behavior to achieve the required level of beauty sleep (trust me, its a lot!). I ALWAYS have ear plugs with me anymore and use them almost every night. I also wear a buff/neck gaiter/stocking cap/bandana over my eyes to block out those passing headlights. Then if I really feel that I need to get sleep and am worried about being woken up, I'll take a sleep aid pill before bed (but only if I know I'll get at least 6 hours of sleep). I have slept through some hellacious wind storms and noisy parking lots with this method!

Only downside is hearing somebody breaking into your truck or your alarm clock in the morning. For the alarm clock I have done several things including setting my phone alarm on vibrate and putting it in my waist band or inside my had. So far, even with it resting on the side rail beside my pillow, I have yet to sleep through my alarm.

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Re: Trailhead & camping etiquette

Postby DeucesWild » Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:17 pm

Taillon75 wrote:I'll shoot my guns whenever I want.

Please, next time, do your best to shoot straight up. Lots of times. It will give you a woody, and if we're lucky, something else.
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