14er ski resort equivalent?

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14er ski resort equivalent?

Postby tommyboy360 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:48 pm

Some dude did this with playing cards so why not ski resorts? Anyone care to make this correlation? Make a list. Let's compare notes. All in fun...

Vail = Mt. Elbert. Sure it's the biggest in stats. Box chutes is as good as it gets in terms of steeps.
Keystone = Pikes Peak. Yep. Developed for tourism. a-51 = lower tech climbing sections. Both have crap for a snow pack.
Breckenridge = DeCaLiBron. So close to home. 4 peaks or 4 14ers. Some radness but jumbo crowds abound and nothing too thrilling.
Beaver Creek = Huron. Great views. Fun. But filled with noobs and kids. The furthest drive in its correlating group.
A-basin = Castle. A tale of 2 basins. Cool nearby bars/towns. Not crowded but tough parking. Long ski season

Copper = Mt. Massive. Easy to get to. #2 in terms of size. Somewhat crowded based on the route.
WP = Chicago Basin. Take a train? Deep snowpack. Fun. Original. Holds all kinds of challenges.
Steamboat = Handies. Not hard. but worth the effort. Remote and uncrowded.

Loveland = Wetterhorn. Cool. Good looking. And overlooked in terms of challenge. Not crowded. Early start is a good thing.
Crested Butte = Crestone group. Big and fun challenge. Some of the best routes in the state. Limited crowds. Cheap places to stay in nearby towns. Varying snow conditions...
Aspens = Elks. They look and ski like they climb. Thrilling, deep enough and beautiful. A fun mix but more on the side of challenge and dangerous conditions. Very small crowds.

Silverton = Perhaps the Capitol or Little Bear of Colorado. Requires avy equipment, commitment and hike in/out skills. All steeps. No easy route.
Telluride = Wilson range. Long drive. Various snow conditions. Small crowds. Insane views. Good set of challenge.
Wolf Creek = Sneffels. Short and sweet but not in the drive. Great snow, views and challenge.
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Re: 14er ski resort equivalent?

Postby summit21 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:45 pm

Obviously you have never had turns above Glen Cove Lodge on Pikes Peak in June. Generally good snowpack for late spring riding.
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Re: 14er ski resort equivalent?

Postby lordhelmut » Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:02 pm

Sweet thread!

Wolf Creek = San Luis (Diamond in the rough, not incredibly steep overall, but can be, i.e. Yawner Gullies vs. Knife Ridge/Alberta Face. Need to really work for your turns, but well worth the effort, off the beaten path

Keystone = Bross, on a holiday weekend, with a family from South Padre Island, TX taking a dump in the summit register with a guy in a Grand Canyon National Park hoody looking on in amusement.

Steamboat = Handies and/or Sneffels (something for everyone, with some challenging, yet extremely fun terrain i.e. Xmas/St.Pat's Chutes vs. Snake, BDay or Handies NE Face)

Winter Park = Longs (can be very crowded, depending on the route/lift i.e. Keyhole vs. Zephyr or Panoramic. Will make you a better skier re: Mary Jane and will build character for boarders re: catwalks, just as some of the moderate alpine routes like Keyhole Ridge, Kieners, North Face will make you a better climber not to mention the effort it takes to obtain the summit, again, building character. The essence of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with a lot of history and arguably the best views in their perspective realms - ski resorts vs. peaks)

Breckenridge = Elitch Gardens wave pool

Beaver Creek = Wilsons (underrated and overlooked due to distance from Denver, some of the most aesthetic lines in their realms as well)

Vail = IKEA store off I-25. Just a monstrosity.
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Re: 14er ski resort equivalent?

Postby madbuck » Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:30 pm

Eldora = Sherman. Don't have to drive through the tunnel on I-70, but crowded and not as much vertical. Small and straighforward, WYSIWYG. No apres areas near the base. Usually windy as hell. But every once in awhile, you hit a nice, fun day.

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Re: 14er ski resort equivalent?

Postby Carl » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:36 pm

Capitol = Chamonix, France. You could carry your skis across the knife edge, but it would kinda feel like cheating. Better to bring a rope and rap something.

Pyramid = La Grave, France. Steep, committing, and aesthetic. One of the two most challenging.

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Re: 14er ski resort equivalent?

Postby lordhelmut » Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:09 pm

Sol Vista = Quandary's East Ridge

Jackson Hole = Capitol (in the sense you can't believe people ski it)

Snowbird/Alta = Weminuche Wilderness (good for the soul)

Taos = Bell(s) (4 letter word for steep)

Keystone = Cancun (vacation hotspot for people without any imagination)

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Re: 14er ski resort equivalent?

Postby skier25 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:22 pm

Interesting comparisons. When I read the title of this thread, however, I thought you were asking which ski area is most like skiing off of a 14er? I'd have to say Big Sky, Montana for sure.
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Re: 14er ski resort equivalent?

Postby Carl » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:27 am

lordhelmut really has a talent for this

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Re: 14er ski resort equivalent?

Postby mtnfiend » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:44 am

Powderhorn = Evans. A few fun steeps, some mellow groomers, and a short vertical drop.

Sunlight = What peak would aspen rejects go to ski?? :-k
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Re: 14er ski resort equivalent?

Postby Gahugafuga » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:47 am

Killington = Grays/Torreys on a summer weekend - an experience only bearing the slightest resemblance to the sport you believe you are practicing.

Alta = Harvard - a name suggesting lofty standards belies the fact that its next-door neighbor is actually the more challenging mountain.

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Re: 14er ski resort equivalent?

Postby Chicago Transplant » Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:36 am

Vail = Mt Massive, its really big but not that challenging, you can get away from the crowds if you know where to look.

Beaver Creek = Holy Cross, the main route is popular, its takes a little extra effort to get there, and there are some amazing steeps off to the side. Not to mention the backcountry is better than the resort, just like the other peaks in HCW are better than HC.

Breckenridge = Grays/Torreys, feels like there are a million people on the standard route, a few cool routes off the beaten path but you will always run into the crowd somewhere. Loaded with beginners.

Keystone = Sherman, its not that interesting but if you haven't done it yet you might as well get the check mark.

Arapahoe Basin = Quandary, longest season in the state, the main part is easy but the other 3 sides offer a variety of challenges.

Copper = Sneffels, it gets harder the higher you get, the back side is uncrowded and has nice steeps.

Ski Cooper = Sunshine, the redheaded stepchild of the area. People often forget its even there.

Crested Butte = Crestone Needle, one of the coolest in the state, provides a good challenge, and is highly aesthetic. There are a bunch of gapers around the base who don't really climb/ski (S Colony Lakes/Red Lady Express) missing out on a great opportunity.

Silverton = Captiol, if you're a beginner you should probably go someplace else.

Aspen = Pyramid, steep on all sides, offers a good challenge in a beautiful setting but always a bunch of people who don't climb/ski milling around the parking lot with Starbucks.

Winter Park = Longs, everyone from Denver loves it but its kind of far if you live in the mountain towns. Lots of opportunities for fun routes and a variety of challenges.

Telluride = Wilsons, steep, far from Denver, awesome views, too much private property around them ruins the opportunity to explore beyond the main routes.

Steamboat = San Luis, worth the drive, not terribly difficult overall but has great trees (San Luis has good fall color) and a few steep lines tucked away.

Squaw = Little Bear, every one likes to say how much of a bad-ass they are for going there.

Killington = Elbert, they both draw people from all over the country but there are a lot of better options in the neighboring areas if you care more about the experience than the check mark.

Alta = Sunlight, Cool mountain in a cool area, good challenges but they are short.

Snowbird = Eolus, because its actually the cooler overall mountain in its area.

Deer Valley = Culebra, overpriced but a nice mountain.
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Re: 14er ski resort equivalent?

Postby Matt » Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:41 am

What? No love for Howelsen Hill?
Howelsen HIll = Evans from the parking lot at 14k.
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