Flatlander Family Hikes in/near RMNP... mid Sept.

Information on peaks other than the CO 14ers and 13ers.
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Re: Flatlander Family Hikes in/near RMNP... mid Sept.

Postby Dark Helmet » Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:21 pm

wow... more awesome info... was going to game-plan with the kids tonight, but prepping for the morning's Cub Scout family bike ride kinda got the best of us...

and the kids' order of hiking goodies from the REI outlet sale came in today.... ALMOST everything fits. the new hikers I got for the boy need to go back (grrr). wife picked out "hiking skorts" for the big girls and they are both in LOVE with them... new socks all around, $20 North Face fleeces, and a new backpack for the 4 year old... epic haul for VERY little money... and 5% back on points on the REI Visa... woohoo!


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