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When is the weather going to improve?!?

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Re: When is the weather going to improve?!?

Postby jrbren_vt » Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:58 pm

Thanks for the replies everyone. If someone were to ask me the same question about Vermont the answer would be a solid "d". The fires are a consideration to the view seeker like me as well. I was in Washington State a few years ago when a fire was going on in August and in the Canockies another year in August when there were allot of fires, aside from the air being very hazy, there is always the threat you can't do your intended climb if your concerned about being boxed in by fires. The only way to assure good weather on a mountain is to live at its base and wait for a huge high pressure system to engulf the region and go, even that's not 100%. For my local hikes in the northeast I generally do not decide to go until about 48 hours or less before the trip. Obviously do not have that luxery for hikes a plane ride away where I require at least 3 weeks advanced planning for discounted airline tickets.
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